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Eric Voelker STANDARD 6: Demonstrates competence in classroom management. C. Develops and implements classroom procedures and routines that support high expectations for student learning. STUDY GUIDE – MANDATORY FULL COMPLET ION


Description / Purpose of Artifact This artifact demonstrates my competence in classroom management. It shows that I use classroom procedure/routine that supports high expectations for student learning. Students complete a study guide for each unit. This study guide is mandatory and must be fully completed. I provide the majority of class time to complete the guide with a variety of instructional methods. I have been teaching the students effective ways to fill out lesson reviews in ways that will help them turn the daily assignments into materials that may later be used as study materials. These manner in which these are filled out includes ensuring lists have headings, diagrams are organized well, illustrations represent the underlying thoughts and ideas, and that text is completed in complete ideas and/or sentences. What I Learned / What this Artifact Shows / What Questions Remain I have learned that it cannot be assumed that students see the connection of daily assignments to the totality of learning as normally accounted for in assessment. It has been my purpose to teach students to view all materials that they create as assignments as important to their learning. This has increased my expectation for my teaching, which in turn has increased my high expectation for student learning. As motivation I sometimes allow students to use the study guide on the test. After the test students attachÊ their study guide to the test. Also attached is a self –assessment on the quality and helpfulness of the guide.


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Artifact 6C