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Barcelona Olbia Salerno

Valencia Iglesias Algeciras



Riace Catania Pozzallo

La Valletta



La Carovana della SolidarietĂ The Solidarity Road Show Western Mediterranean Tour May-June 2003 Coordination: Eric E. van Monckhoven

European Commission

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italy)


Solidarity Road Show was the touring of 20 cities

in 8 Mediterreanean countries to promote new social practices of solidarity including fair trade, ethical banking, community building, environmental care care.. The

Western Tour started end of April 2003 and ended in the middle of June. June.


are some pics of the Tour together with the project’s partners we visited. visited.


staff was composed of twelve people (4 from Italy, 4 from Finland, 2 from Canada, 1 from Colombia, and myself from Belgium Belgium). ).


traveled with a van, a minibus and a car. car. In each place we set up an exhibition and an information desk, desk, had creative workshops with kids in the schools (design, solar cooking), live music. music. We also took part in conferences and workshops.


local group organized press conferences, conferences, workshops,, trade fairs, workshops fairs, public meetings and cultural events. More info:

Road Show Staff Arttu (Finland), Ivo (Finland), Peter (Finland), Eric (Belgium), Enrico (Italy)), Guillermo (Colombia), Riel (Canada), Sergio (Italy), Yovan Nagoetj (Canada), Gabriele (Italy), Antti (Finland), Michele (Italy)

Riace Village Calabria--Italy Calabria May

Preparatory Meetings

Associazione CittĂ Futura

Activities:: Activities

Local Development, Development, Responsible Tourism, Tourism, Social Integration of Refugees, Refugees, Promotion of Traditional Crafts and Local Culture

Weaving Workshop

Getting Acquainted with Nature ...

...and The People

Rehearsing... Rehearsing ...

Departure towards Sicily

Catania Sicily

May 88-9

Project Partner: Associazione Millemondi Activities:: Intercultural Education, Activities Education, Agro--ecology, Agro ecology, International Cooperation

The Solidarity


Setting Up ...

at the

School of Fine Arts Instituto delle Belle Arti

Getting Ready... Ready...

The Solar Oven Workshop

The Market

The Exhibition

Fair Trade and Organic Products


to The Show...

...That Never Ends

Iglesias Sardigna May 1010-12

Local Partner: DomusAmigas Activities: Self Activities: Self--Centred Development,, Rural Development Tourism,, Critical Tourism Consumption

The Exhibition... Exhibition...

The Workshops

At The Old Mining Factory Monte Poni


Agenda 21 BioBio-Architecture Renewables


Crafts Folk Music and Instruments

Building Sustainable Communities


The Municipality of Musei

The Local Solidarity Network

Genova Liguria May 1414-15

Fair Trade On Show

Local Partner: La Bottega Solidale Activities: Fair Trade (5 shops in town , 1 coffee bar), Education, Training

The Carovana Information Desk

At Palazzo


The Creative Design Workshop

With the Italian Cartoonist Moreno Tomasetig

The RoundRound-Table The Future of Fair Trade and SolidaritySolidarity-based Economy in the Mediterranean

With our partners of CTM/AltroMercato (Italian Fairtrade Network) and REVES (European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy)

Live Music... Music...

at the Buffet of Fairtrade Products

Walking Around The City ...

Boarding to Spain

Barcelona May 1717-18

Local Partner: EcoMediterrania Activities: Environmental Education

Fair of Alternative Lifestyles


May 18 (35 000 visitors)

May 17

Fiesta de la Diversidad SOS RACISM

Valencia May 2121-23

Center for Voluntary Work At the


Project Partner: CERAI Activities: International Cooperation, Agro-ecology, Rural Development, Alternative Banking, Responsible Tourism

Working with The Medias

Towards the Mediterranean Social Forum

An Evening For Peace

Who Wants The War In Irak ?

What Alternatives ?

Valencia 5-6 -7 June

Working with Schools

Social Evenings

At MITJANIJ Culture Center

At MATISSE culture Center

On The Road To Morocco


Local Partner: CMED Centre Méditerranéen pour l’Environnement et le Développement Activities: Activities: International Cooperation, Consulting, Promotion of Civil Society

Calling The Street...


The School of Fine Arts

The First Fair of Social and Environmental Organizations

The Creative Design Workshop

Face to Face ...

Tetouan Social Solidarity Network

A traditional evening...

With Local Actors and Representatives of the Institutions ...

Honouring The Guests ...

At The Municipal

Library: Library:

RoundRound-Table on Mediterranean Partnership

First Meeting of Tetouan Social Forum

Evaluation Meeting

Maroccan Rif


The Tea Party

Visiting a Rural Cooperative of Young people


On the Road Back to Europe


Andalusia May 2828-29

Centro Civico

Press Conference

Local Partner: Paz Y Desarrollo Activities: International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid

The Exhibition

Waiting for The Schools

The Open Discussion South-South Cooperation within The SouthEuropean Union: Union: The Role of NGOs

The Solar Oven Workshop

Musical Evening

Mediterranean Moods




Malta June 1212-13

The Local Social Economy Network

Project Partner: Third World Group Activities: Voluntary Work, International Cooperation, Fairtrade, Environmental Education

The Market of Opportunities ...

Saturday Fairtrade Feaver ...

A Meeting of World Culture and Music

Towards New Horizons ...

The End

Mediterranean Solidarity Road Show  

Solidarity Road Show 2003 - Western Tour

Mediterranean Solidarity Road Show  

Solidarity Road Show 2003 - Western Tour