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Knee Replacement Surgery in Chennai

Knee replacement surgery is performed to replace the surface of the knee joint.

The main aim of this procedure is to reduce or eliminate pain, discomfort, and disability.

Knee replacement may include replacing a part of or the complete knee joint.

Total knee replacement surgery is a procedure where the entire knee joint is replaced with artificial plastic and metal components.

Partial knee replacement surgery, unlike total knee arthroplasty, requires only the damaged part of the knee to be replaced or resurfaced with metal and plastic components.

Partial knee replacement surgery requires a smaller incision when compared to total knee replacement. This means less hospital stay and a faster recovery.

Unilateral unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement surgery is a procedure done to replace or to resurface a portion of only one knee joint (either left or right).

Bilateral joint diseases such as osteoarthrosis in most cases are bilaterally (on both left and right knee joints) severe enough to opt for a bilateral unicompartmental knee replacement surgery.

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Knee Replacement Surgery in Chennai, India