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10 Tips to Getting More T&A

with Your ULTIMATE Business Card!

by Eric Quander Copyright

2012 Ultimate Business Card Guru All Rights Reserved

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Let go of your perceptions of what the ULTIMATE business card can do for your business. Offer prospects more than just a standard business card that is easily forgettable. Maximize the ability of the ULTIMATE business card to increase sales

The right business card has been an effective marketing tool for anyone who takes themselves and their work seriously, A good business card is an essential element in becoming unforgettable in the mind of the person that receives it. Among the first things many obtain upon getting a promotion, new job title, or when starting a new business, are a set of business cards. To some, their business seems to lack legitimacy, unless they have that 3”x5” piece of paper that boldly states the company, ones title/position and the various ways to contact them. Although that information is necessary, what does it really tell the person to whom its given? What about the business card motivates the recipient to take the next step and call upon you? A business card should be designed to attract and acquire new customers and clients to your products or services. Too many people today think a business card designed and printed on their home computer will be a good enough tool to get them noticed and remembered. However, a well-designed, high quality card makes you and your business look professional; while a homemade card typically gives the impression of an amateur taking a stab at being in business. Another choice that many make includes the use of one of the many online “insta-card” companies. In exchange for you $15 or $20, you get a choice of an over-used, boring template, that hundreds of others have used. If you want prospects, clients and customers to take you seriously, you should consider enlisting the services of a professional company such as EQ Media Solutions, and follow these 10 Tips to Getting More T&A with Your ULTIMATE Business Card!

10 Tips to Getting More T&A with Your ULTIMATE Business Card! 

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Tip # 1- Your Card is About Them - If you understand your business card to be a selling tool, then you know that a potential customer cares little about you, and more about what your product can do to benefit their business. Specifically, how is your business smarter, cheaper or faster than your competition. Tip # 2- Create a Memorable Slogan or Motto - A memorable slogan or motto has the power to stimulate an emotional response, announce a distinctive identity and act as a directory for your target market. Tip # 3- Choose the Right Image and Font - Pictures and graphics can say 1000 words about your business, Use a compelling image to connect emotionally with the business card recipient. Stay away from fonts that are too elaborate, you want people to quickly and easily read what your card has to say. Tip # 4- Use Both Sides, Create a Business Card that Motivates Action - Utilize the back of your card for product information, testimonials, a special discount or free trial of your service. Tip # 5- Be Mindful of Business Card Etiquette - Whenever you give a business card, ask for a business card. After leaving the card giver’s presence, write comments on the card, such as date, location of meeting or common points of interest. These comments will be valuable as you conduct follow-ups, and demonstrates a sincere interest in the other person. Tip # 6- Always Have Cards On-Hand - Giving out your business cards is crucial to marketing your product and services. Never leave your home or office without your business cards. Tip # 7- Quick Pitch with Your Card - Often called an “elevator pitch”, your quick pitch is a statement that precisely communicates the benefits of utilizing your product or service. Your quick pitch statement should take between 30 and 60 seconds and no more than 130 words. Tip # 8- A Hired Gun Knows Their Business - One of the most effective ways of distributing your business card, is to hire someone to do it. Companies, such as the Raumas Media Group, LLC offer business card distribution services. These hired gun services know their business and are highly effective at placing your cards where they will get the most attention. Tip # 9- Market on Social Networks - Whether you currently have an internet site, or are in the phase of developing one, with the right business card, you can quickly let the cyber community know of your product or services, by having an image of your business card posted on your FaceBook page, on Twitter or Google+. Tip # 10- Track Your Card - Pay close attention and determine if, when and how your business cards are working. If not, don’t be discouraged. You may even consider enlisting guidance from a professional marketing or advertising agency to help you craft the image, style and language that will speak most loudly to the demographic you wish to target.

If you’re ready NOW to implement the techniques in this guide, pick-up the phone and call: 1-888-239-0913. Mention this guide and receive a Special Offer! Thanks again for your interest in 10 Tips to Getting More T&A with Your ULTIMATE Business Card!


2012 EQ Media Solutions All Rights Reserved

10 Tips to Turning Your Ultimate Business Card Into real Money  

Guide chocked-full of tips on how your business card can attract prospects and make you money.

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