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PRESENTATIONSCRIPT SETTING– Valley Food & Wine Grocery Store

Time: It is break time during a regular college day Plot: The infusing flavours of pringles potato chips will are too much to contain Jimmy An rushes into the store searching savagely for a supplementing snack in an unconventional manner. He finally spots a rather appealing pot of potato chips, with an earphone slot. In anticipation, he removes his earphones from his iPod and inserts them into the pot of Pringles. Immediately Jimmy is sent into a trance, remembering what happened last time he ate them previously with his friends. Jimmy and his friends couldn’t stop eating them, sending them into hyperactivity through its infusing flavour. One of his friends suddenly becomesso infused that he starts dancing very technically.

Pringles Script  
Pringles Script  

Pringles Scrip