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Pre Production Tools Presentation EricPeart

Gant Chart A gant chart acts as a schedule for each task. A certain amount of time is allocated to each task in order complete each step successfully. For example I allocated two weeks to complete my script. The amount of time varies depending each task and how long it would realistically take to complete.

Storyboard A storyboard Is essentially one of the most important tools used in the creation of a project as it the central point for developing and organizing scenes, shots etc in the correct order.

Location Recce • In order to have a clear understanding of the actual shooting area, a location recce is undertaken to give us an outlook on possible problems or advantages the are may have. Above all it helps us to clearly visualize the project concept , as we are in the surroundings.

Risk Assessment • A Risk Assessment Chart identifies, evaluates and gives us a brief estimation of the level of risks involved at the shooting location. • A number is given to every possible risk depending on how dangerous it may be, with the most dangerous being 10 or possibly higher.

Call Sheet • A Call Sheet acts as a day planner, stating information from the persons who are needed to the weather for a particular day. • The Call Sheet is crucial to any project as it contains vital information such as contact numbers for actors, weather forecasts, transport times, equipment arrangement's etc.

Budget • The Budget covers the price of project as a whole. • The reason for a budget is to roughly scale how extravagant or basic the project may be, by conducting a budget we are able to make primitive decisions on whether or not to keep or discard certain aspects of the project. For example a certain prop may cost more than the actual project, which would lead us to question our decision on possibly removing or changing the concept slightly.

Requirements • Requirements sheet, also another very important document. The requirements sheet covers every piece of equipment, item you will need in order to successfully complete your project. Possessing a certain item or tool will determine how well the end product of your project is. • The sheet includes items such as: production equipment(Camera’s, Tripods, dolly’s, mic’s) crew members (camera operators, lighting, sound, assistants, runners etc) Actors, Props, Transport Requirements.

Release & Agreement • A Release and Agreement document allows the Director full Copyrights and possession of the footage taken from the shooting location(s).

Location Release • Similar to the Release and Agreement. A Location Release allows for the Director and his team to shoot on a private/owned location but must summon a copy of the footage taken, to the legal location owner.

Contact Sheet • Also similar to the Call Sheet. A Contact sheet contains the correct numbers, email addresses, postcodes, house numbers etc of every member of the team. The reason for this is because you may encounter a problem at any stage of the project. Having the correct contact details allows for quick and efficient communication between Director and team members.

Script • A Script is a document containing all dialogue actors use within the project. • A script is completed and given to actors before initial shooting happens in order to verify the timing of actors dialogue. A copy is also given to each team member to run through, this enables the project to run smoothly because everyone knows the correct timing of their job.

Shooting Script • A Shooting Script is simply a combination of a regular dialogue script, Camera movement, the number of each scene and the action on screen. • A Shooting Scripts organizes each step in order for the Director to make swift decisions based on previous shots, camera angles etc. It is also an indication for the actors positions.

Overhead Diagram • An overhead diagram is a birds eye view plan of every scene, using symbols for each cameras, characters and elements. • An Overhead diagram is constructed in order to organize the actors into their correct positions and also to remind the Director.

Footage Log • A Footage Log is a chart listing every piece of footage you have recorded during the project process with the correct time codes of how long each piece is. • We use a Footage Log to easily access particular shots we feel are the best, rather than searching through the output folder the footage may have been initially stored on.

Asset Log • An Asset Log is a brief chart containing all secondary resources . Asset log’s as back data for the whole project. We refer to the Asset Log incase we lose or misplace footage or other pieces of data required to complete the project.

EDL • The Edit Decision List is a slight combination of a Footage Log and Storyboards which is basically a paper documented edit of your actual project. An EDL is essential due to the fact that we find certain parts of an edited piece of footage using this method.

Pre Production Tools Presentation  

Pre Production Tools Presentation By EricPeart

Pre Production Tools Presentation  

Pre Production Tools Presentation By EricPeart