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Opportunities & Limitations Within the world of TV, there are key techniques that channels use to sustain their specified target audience. Targeting a specific audience enables the content to be based on the interests of those watching, with a relatively high budget being an important factor. For example Sky one’s 24 Ident , contain actors from the actual TV series. This gives us a brief indication how large the scale of budget is. The actual Ident replicates the style of the show with its dramatic suspensemusic and eerie setting. At 0:04 a mid-shot of a black car in a desolate car park pulls up and a female, looking rather worried and anxious steps out. This immediately sets the scene and puts the audience in the mood to watch the show, as the level of drama is far too gripping. The fact that sky one choosesto broadcast this particular ident from 9pm, suggests the show is suited for adults and older teenagers 18+.This opportunity in effect, increaseschannel/brand popularity becausethe show leaves them in suspense, meaning they’ll want to return to sky one to watch what happens next. This In turn generates more revenue to create a higher budget production as the channel is frequently being watched at all times of the day. On the other hand, lack of a large scale budget prevents many channels from creating an ident that will appeal to their intended audience. In effect limiting how often the channel is watched. On example is of this slow and slightly dull bbc4 ident we are shown a small square bbc four logo, placed in front of a pool of water. This straight away disengagesthe viewer as it does not feature or show any reference to the upcoming showing.

Opportunities & Limitations  

opportunities and limitations

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