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1- Intro 2-Alien movies 3-ancient aliens 4-likelihood of aliens 5-Cited sources 6-Glossary 7-About the author

Some scientists believe that extra terrestrial life is very likely. Because there are at least 100 billion planets in our galaxy it is likely that some have life. Over half are small planets like earth European astronomers found 3 planets that have water and have an atmosphere in another solar system. Without them life is not very likely There is some proof that alien life exists. On mars scientists have found bacterial life forms. Scientists have found water on other planets and where ever there is water there could be life. Although people think that aliens have made some artifacts we still have no evidence that aliens have visited earth.

E.t from the movie E.t

People have made movies about aliens for a long time they range from horror to comedy and show the directors or writer’s view of what aliens look like. One of the most famous alien movies is called Alien. Alien is extremely scary and was made in 1979. Lots of people thought it was good so they made 3 more Alien movies: Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien resurrection. Another alien movie is called E.T.E.T. is a different alien movie in almost every way. It is about a friendship between an alien and a boy named Eliot. Hollywood has made many alien movies but these are some of the most well known.

The alien in alien

one of the aztec pyramids

The ancient Egyptian pyramids

map of the Nazca lines

There are structures around the world that seem to be assisted by aliens because they are so perfect. Some of the structures of the ancient world that archeologists think aliens might of built are the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids because they are so well designed and they alien with the stars moon and sun. Another one of the ancient marvels that scientists think aliens helped make are the Nazka Lines. The Nazka Lines are super straight, perfectly formed, and, go on for over 50 miles. The Nazka Lines are figures that can only be viewed by the sky the reason we think that aliens helped build these artifacts are that at those times they had no modern tools

Some of the most famous ufos

Scientists have wondered about the likelihood of aliens visiting earth. Some sighting may be hoaxes. It is very easy to create and build a fake UFO using household objects being hung on a fishing line People can also pretend that they saw an alien and we have no proof. Some might be real. Many sightings may be real but the people who encountered aliens had no proof. Some of the sightings, like the Botta Encounter, where a man claimed he went into a UFO and touched an alien, had good evidence. Later that day Mr. Botta had a fever and the doctor said he had severe sunburn even though he had only been in the sun for a short time. Scientists still have not found any conclusive evidence that aliens have visited earth.

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Glossary Conclusive evidence = Evidence that has proof to go with it. Likelihood = How likely something is to happen. Artifact =Some thing ancient

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Hey reader are you interested about aliens then this is the book for you. This book is full of cool pictures and interesting writing. This book has facts that I bet you didn’t know about aliens. Hope you like it.


This book about aliens has everything that you want to know, such as everything from alien movies to alien history. If you like aliens this...


This book about aliens has everything that you want to know, such as everything from alien movies to alien history. If you like aliens this...