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Lady Dons Secure Second-Straight East Valley League Crown Eric Owens Guest Correspondent

February started with Amber Sanchez, Elise Sanchez and Sarah Rodriguez combining for six goals to help lead the host Dons to a 10-0 victory over Sun Valley. !"#$%&#%'( )*+'"%&( ,*-"'%.( /01'%#(23%(415/($'/2(61*&(17(23%(6*-%( "5( 23%( $723( -"582%9( :3"&%( ;*23*&"%( <%"&( $5"/3%#( :"23( *( 61*&( 23*2( /3%( kicked into the net in the fourteenth -"582%( *5#( %*'5%#( 3%'( $'/2=%>%'( shutout of the season as goalie with a total of three saves in the second 3*&7?( !"#$%&#%'( <'*50%/0*( !*'2"5%.( and Selene Chavez both scored in the second half with a goal apiece for the Dons. Amber Sanchez is credited with one assist that she gave to her sister Elise’s goal on (Feb 2nd). @8/A"%/()1*&"%(B3*:5(C855"56= ham recorded four saves at the half *5#( $5"/3%#( :"23( %"632( /*>%/( "5( *&&?( Amber Sanchez scored her (teams’) $'/2( 61*&( 17( 23%( 6*-%( 23'%%( -"582%/( after Chavez missed her goal off *5( *//"/2( 7'1-( !"#$%&#%'( )*+'"%&( ,*-"'%.( "5( 23%( $'/2( 3*&7( &%*#"56( 23%( host Verdugo Hills Lady Dons soccer team to a 1-0 run. !%6*5(;%:%&&(/2*'2%#(23%(/%015#( off with the games eighth save two minutes (42nd) in. Senior Captain Jackie Storie could be heard out in the $%&#( #8'"56( 23%'%( D=E( 1>%'( 23%( ;1'23( Hollywood Huskies saying, “Come on Verdugo.” Storie went onto defend the ball from Brianna Bendall of the Huskies in the 51st minute. Sophie Torres tied it up 1-1 in the 49th minute. Sanchez followed Torres’ goal with her second corner kick into the net to help secure another league victory for the Dons – 18th of the season – which came off an assist from sister Elise Sanchez (who has the second-highest amount of goals – 11 in league) to give the sisters an overall season total of 29 goals on (Feb 9th). F3%( 415/( $5"/3%#( 23%"'( undefeated East Valley league season GED=HI(:"23(*($5*&(J=E(>"021'K(1>%'(23%( visiting Arleta Mustangs on Senior Day (Feb 11th). L-+%'( *5#( M&"/%( B*503%.( $5"/3( their senior year with a total of 31 61*&/?(N%'#861(@"&&/(O('*5A%#(;1?(P(+K( CIF - started the City Championship 4">"/"15(:"23(*(D=E(>"021'K(1>%'(;1?EE( ;*'+155%( )*8031/( :"23( 61*&/( +K( ;*23*&"%( <%"&( "5( 23%( $'/2( -"582%( *5#(

Photos Courtesy of Eric Owens

Amber Sanchez scored the deciding 61*&("5(23%(QR23(-"582%?()1*&"%(!%6*5( ;%:%&&( $5"/3%#( :"23( *( #1.%5( /*>%/( :3"&%(;*'+155%($5"/3%#(:"23(/"S2%%5( goals in all on (Feb 17th) and then 23%( 415/( 7%&&( 21( 31/2( ;1?Q( BK&-*'( Spartans on Thursday, February 24th "5( *( T8*'2%'$5*&( -*203( 23*2( 0*-%( with a several injuries and a tough loss for the Dons. Rachel Leon of

Sylmar scored in the 14th minute and the Amber Sanchez answered with a goal two minutes later to put one past 61*&"%( M>%&K5( <&1'%/( G:31( $5"/3%#( with 11 saves). Leon scored the winning goal in the 39th minute of the $'/2( 3*&7( :3%5( /3%( '%0%">%#( *( 01'5%'( A"0A( 177( ;*2*&"%( U1V%.( 23*2( +1850%#( into the net from inside the box to give *5(*//"/2(21(U1V%.?((N%'#861(@"&&/(GEP=

3-1 overall) had a great day of recordbreaking amount of saves in a single -*203( 7'1-( )1*&"%( !%6*5( ;%:%&&( :31($5"/3%#(:"23(*(/%*/15(*5#(V1/2= season high 27 saves. The Dons had a wonderful /%*/15( 85#%'( $>%=K%*'( @%*#( C1*03( !*22( ;"003"22*( G:31( 3%&V%#( &%*#( 23%( Verdugo Hills girls’ soccer squad to 23%"'($'/2(M*/2(N*&&%K(U%*68%(&*/2(K%*'(

–2010- also helped lead the St Francis )1&#%5( W5"632/( +1K/X( /100%'( 2%*-( */( Senior Captain to a Mission League 2"2&%( +*0A( "5( DHHEI?( C1*03( ;"003"22*( believes that next season they can go for a third consecutive league title even though it will also be a rebuilding year without the Sanchez Sisters. The JV Dons also won an East Valley League title in February.

Dons dominate Lancers early in tennis season La Yuca Staff

Cameron Goudie/ La Yuca

Verdugo Dons varsity tennis 2%*-( 31/2%#( 23%( U*50%'/( 17( )'*52( High School on Thursday March 17, *5#( %-%'6%#( >"021'"18/( :"23( *( $5*&( /01'%(P=E(N@@B? Coach Smith seemed absolutely elated about his team’s performance. All it took was a quick glance to see a huge smirk on his face, however it wasn’t with out grace, he talked about the opposing team respectively. However he put on his game face after 23%($'/2(/%'>%(*5#(:*203%#(0&1/%&K(71'( any points on his team that could have used work or reinforcement. While Coach Smith led from the /"#%Y( Z"&&%-( W%'5A*-V( :31( V&*K%#( on the second court led the play on the during the match. He absolutely #%0"-*2%#( 3"/( 1VV15%52( P=HY( P=D( */( others, could only sit and watch in *:%( */( 23%( /01'"56( 01852%'( ["VV%#( in his favor time after time until the

match was over and he walked off as if was nothing. There is no question why his teammates nominated him as the best player on the team. He is better known as “iceman” for reasons not released to the public. The expectations for the season are high, and ideally Coach Smith looking for as close to a perfect season as possible, but he would be more /*2"/$%#(:"23(3"/(2%*-(2'K"56(*/(3*'#( as they can. He said that its hard to predict it being so early in the season, however he acknowledges that his current team is at an all time high and it doesn’t seems like they are “coming down soon.” 4*>"#(;*2">"#*#Y((\F3%(1VV1/"56( team did well, but we proved better”, then he revealed some of his thoughts,” They got ’bageled‘, “ a term used to describe the score of the loser when they score nothing.

A brief interview with the opposing coach helped revealed his thoughts and expectations for the upcoming game. “We had a tough start, but we trained and I think that we can pull out of it with just a little more effort.” Before the game he seemed skeptical about Verdugo’s teams abilities, of course after the game he made it clear that this was some what expected. He believes that the only way to advance in his player’s game, is to work on what ever automatic controls they have, break them, then rebuild them the “correct” way he said. He doesn’t doubt his player’s ability to play, it’s just that he feels that they need some encouragement and corrections to help their game. Their scores came out to be In Verdugo’s 0*/%Y( 3"63( "5( 23%( &%*68%( *5#( )'*52( shut down as they are being put far behind.

Published Article 3  
Published Article 3  

Cameron Goudie/ La Yuca –2010- also helped lead the St Francis )1&amp;#%5(W5"632/(+1K/X(/100%'(2%*-(*/( Senior Captain to a Mission League 2...