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June 10, 2014 Dear Colleagues, As the organization representing more than 68,000 academic staff at 124 universities and colleges across the country, CAUT strives to protect the integrity of research and science in Canadian universities. We have grown increasingly concerned over the terms and conditions of work of postdoctoral scholars, and have been encouraging and assisting organizing and advocacy campaigns amongst postdocs at Canada’s research universities. We are delighted that the Union of Postdoctoral Researchers at Dalhousie is seeking certification for postdoctoral researchers at Dalhousie University with the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). Postdoc unionization is rapidly becoming a fact of life in the academy. Bargaining units of postdoctoral fellows have already been certified at the University of Western Ontario, McMaster, Queens, Memorial, Carleton, Toronto and UQAM. To the south, postdocs have unionized on all ten campuses of the University of California, at Connecticut, and at Rutgers. A number of faculty associations in Canada are preparing plans for postdoc organizing campaigns presently. The parameters and norms for postdoctoral scholars’ remuneration, rights, and working conditions will largely be set by those who organize early in this process. Postdocs at Dalhousie have an opportunity to take a lead in shaping the future direction of postdoctoral employment and academic research in Canada. We urge you to sign a membership card and to encourage your colleagues to do likewise. Together postdoctoral scholars can help ensure that the terms and conditions of their work at Dalhousie University and elsewhere meet suitable standards for the fair and appropriate employment of academic professionals. Sincerely,

Robin Vose President

James L. Turk Executive Director

CAUT Letter of Support  
CAUT Letter of Support