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Iron on patches

The behind iron-on-patches


iron on patches on

elasticized fabric

waterproof rainwear

Cotton and polyester fabric works best with iron on patches




ALWAYS turn the garment inside out during washing

Washer and dryer walls and agitator can damage the patch


use hot

water or hot dryer else you loose the patch or studs

If hot water

used, you may have to use fabric-glue to reattach the patch


ALWAYS try to glue onto one layer of fabric

IF you have

to iron through two pieces of fabric, then put another piece of clean fabric between two layers

IF the fabric feels stiff, pre-wash it.

The goal for pre-washing is to make the glue melt into the fabric

DO NOT attempt to iron patches on a leather or vinyl.

Leather and vinyl are not designed to take heat as required

IF a patch becomes loose, you can reattach it with

fabric craft glue for hot fix appliques OR

Iron on patches OR

Stitch embroidered patches


Custom Embroidered Patches that can be sewed on or iron on for civil service, military, martial arts, motorcycle, sports and business unifor...