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Honestly, how can I make money writing and call it 'work?' It doesn't feel like it. Yes, it takes time, but in no way am I paving roads during the middle of a heat wave here. I'm typing. (Key by key.) If you're of like mind and you've ever asked yourself "how can I make money writing" then I suggest you go to the main pages at There you will find dozens of categories. Inside of all of those categories are articles. Articles written by your neighbors and the women you eat lunch with and you half cousin Ed. All of these people are writing articles for different reasons. And many of them, me included to make money writing. The process is surprisingly genius. By writing articles and placing them at a Goggle-loved placed such as ezinearticles, all of these articles HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY of being read by the people here. But much more importantly, they will all have the opportunity of being seen by potentially millions of others as these articles come up as the result of searches being performed by the search engines 24 hours a a day every day. People who fall in love with what they've read having found YOUR articles may then follow your link in YOUR resource box. This takes them directly to your site...which you can continue to monetize. It takes a few days to fully grasp it all. That's why I suggest that you give this whole article writing thing a test drive. Sign up and write an article or two. A week or so after that, go looking for your article by putting your exact headline in QUOTES in a Google search box. Presto, chango. There you are. Listed for millions to see. And your cost for that kind of exposure? Um, how does $0 sound? Again, how can I make money writing and call it work when we both now know that's obviously much more fun than work!

Kevin Browne is a former Creative Director and Senior Copywriter at agencies including J Walter Thompson, McCann Erickson and Young and Rubicam. Kevin now runs where he shows web owners how to FINALLY start to make money with my website []

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==== ==== To Quit Your Day Job and Work From Home Read This ==== ====

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To Quit Your Day Job and Work From Home Read This