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Sweeney Todd  Lighting  Concept  

Statement for  2/15/12  Production  Meeting   Sweeney  Todd  can  be  broken  up  into  parts-­‐  the  ”real”  passages  (i.e.  Worst  Pies  in  London,   Pirelli’s  Miracle  Elixir,  Not  While  I’m  Around),  and  the  “surreal”  passages.  (i.e.  The  Ballad  of   Sweeney   Todd,   most   killing   sequences,   Poor   Thing,   Epiphany).   To   support   the   “futuristic   meets  gothic”  vision  of  the  director,  the  “real”  scenes  will  be  distinguished  by  a  cold,  dated   look  with  relatively  subtle  nuances.  As  a  “real”  scene  transitions  to  a  “surreal”  scene,  the   audience  will  notice  a  vibrant  change  in  shadows,  color  saturation,  angles  of  light,  and   texture.     Specifically,  when  Sweeney  Todd  slits  his  victims’  throats,  the  transition  from  the  realistic   setting   to   the   surreal/mood-­‐driven   look   is   precise   and   sharp.   The   instant   Todd   murders   somebody   with   his   knife,   the   audience   is   drawn   into   Sweeney’s   world   as   the   “clamshell”   of   the  auditorium  fills  with  the  color  of  blood.  This  distinctive  look  returns  for  every  death.    

Vis. Research  




Vis. Research  

Sweeney Todd Design Statement  

Lighting design concept for AVPA's production of Sweeney Todd.