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A few years ago I woke up one Sunday and realized that, as much as I loved ­Jesus and enjoyed the volunteer work I was doing, nothing about my life existed outside of my church world. I couldn’t name a friend who didn’t have the same faith I did. I had great friends, but I needed a few new ones. I was doing good things, but I longed to be stretched, challenged, pushed. I wanted answers, but more than anything I think I wanted questions. I stumbled onto the kind of blog that gets so much traffic that the speed of its replies felt more like a chat room. I lurked at first, reading the comments and devising my own responses to the smartly and sarcastically written blog posts. It took me weeks to find the courage to post anything on my own, but I was in, joining the conversation and, unbeknownst to me, the community. I read BoredtoDeath’s stories of his two failed marriages, laughed out loud at msdiva’s joys and ills of single parenthood, and rolled my eyes at playa473 and his constant conquests that were simultaneously ego boosting and empty. I found myself sharing my own failed relationships and even being encouraged to forgive by a few posters who didn’t profess to be Chris­tians. For the first time in a long time, I had to articulate what it meant to have a relationship with God, using everyday language anybody could understand. These posters helped me become more honest, real, down-to-earth. More loving and accepting and way less judgmental. They had no idea, but they helped me become more like J­esus. It’s not a matter of God, them, and us; it’s God and us — ​all of us living, breathing, mistake-making human beings. You don’t come closer to knowing ­Jesus because of how close to perfect you are. Your first goal is 43

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5/27/10 7:29 AM

Not Like Me - Chapter 1  

Chapter 1 0310329965_NotLikeMe_sc.indd 31 5/27/10 7:29 AM 31 0310329965_NotLikeMe_sc.indd 32 5/27/10 7:29 AM P eO P l e M at t er M O S t 32...