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Book licensing 52 x11’ – 3-6 years The daily life of a Zebra family: curiosity, love and imagination 67 titles are planned to be published in France

Soft and touch books The school teacher’s comforter – Zany Zoo – I can undress myself – What are you going to dress up as? – I’m scared, scared, scared – The Tiny Circus A tender series for very young children with five fabrics to touch, on major themes at this age. The young reader can feel different objects (a teddy bear, a cushion, a doll, a cotton rabbit, etc.) and enjoy the stories. 2/5 years – 20 x 20 cm – 14 pages – Sturdy board books with touch-and-feel fabrics


Secrets of the origins La chambre des parents Cherche et trouve les objets cachés dans le décor... Vase Zou



Cadre photo

Panier à linge

Fleurs Dessin Maman Miroir Lampe

Parfois, la nuit, lorsque Zou a fait un mauvais rêve, il va se réfugier dans la chambre de ses parents. –Petit comme je suis, vous me trouverez bien une place dans votre grand lit !

La chambre de Nana Cherche et trouve les objets cachés dans le décor... Horloge

What do you know about animals? – What way do you travel? – Where do you come from? – Where do you live? – What kind of work do you do? – Which sport do you practice? A series both educational and playful presenting information through semi realistic images, inviting the child to lift up nearly fifty flaps and link things together. The last page contains a large flap with a surprise!



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3/7 years - 18 x 19,5 cm - 20 pages - Lift-the-flap books

La maison d’Elzee

Cherche et trouve les objets cachés dans le décor...




Tapis Pot de fleurs


Soupière Lampe Tasse



Maman Voiture

Partition Zou

Let’s do it Girls!


Grand-père est un sacré musicien. Et comme la chambre de Nana est remplie d’instruments, il y entraîne les enfants pour faire la fête ! – En avant la musique ! Si toute la famille s’y met, on peut créer un orchestre complet !



Activity books


Ce matin, Zou saute sur sa trottinette et rend visite à sa voisine Elzee qui habite une jolie maison au cæur de la ville. – Entre Zou ! On va s’amuser comme des fous !

40 x 11’ (soon 52 x 11’ !) 4-8 years Share great laughs and thrilling adventures in the wilderness ! 7 titles are planned to be published in France.

This book proposes creative activities for girls. Paper creations, outdoor games and activities, ideas for presents and decoration, recipes and tips to invite friends are all presented in a lively and light-hearted way. A true creation tool, this book will provide a large choice of original and easy-to-make activities for today’s girls to play on their own or with friends.

Let’s do it Boys! 52 x13’ 2-6 years An amazing introduction to ecology !

A creative activity book for boys to make scientific experiences, investigate, make up challenges, learn magic tricks, play and have fun whatever the place or the time. Each activity is presented with a step-by-step workshop, while simple texts invite the child to explore further the subject of the experience. Intelligent activities to share with friends for long hours of playful experiences. 7/10 years – 22,5 x 26 cm – 64 pages – Foreign Rights: Hannele Legras -

Have a Go! For girls and boys.


Nature Forever

Saddle Up!

How to Use your Dried Leaves Album

My first Album of dried leaves

Do you love to pick up leaves when you go out for a walk? Would you like to keep them? This album is just what you need! Simple and handy, it will allow you to show off your best finds. Here are a few tips on how to make a success of your first dried leaves album.

Passion for Horses

A very natural and simple herbarium to use for children: the large flap on the cover can be detached and provides instructions to the child who is guided step-by-step to pick up, identify, dry and paste the leaves. When completed, the flap can be detached and the herbarium given as a present. Two pages illustrate the shapes of the leaves so that the child recognise them easily, the spiral binding allows a simple addition of leaves.


Choose your leaves and dry them

Saddle Up!/Playing and communicating with horses

Collect only whole, undamaged leaves. In spring and summer, you can pick them straight from the trees; in autumn, all you need do is pick them up off the ground: if you do this, your collection will be multicoloured.

This series is aimed at girls who love horses and practice in a club. Richly illustrated by specially commissioned photographs and bright friendly illustrations, it shows children on their horses and details the usual themes that explore the world of horses and riding; feeding, grooming, stabling, riding, competition etc.

Place each leaf between two sheets of newspaper (or blotting paper), making sure it is perfectly flat. Don’t forget to note down on a Post-it the place and the date of collection.

Make the sheets of newspaper into a neat pile, and then place a big, heavy book on top of it (an encyclopaedia or dictionary) or a thick plank of wood. Your leaves need to be squashed really flat.

Two or three days later, change the newspaper or blotting paper, which will show signs of damp, and leave your leaves to dry for another two weeks, in the same way. This will dehydrate them, allowing them to be preserved.

7/12 years and up – 18 x 21 cm – 40 pages

8/12 years – 22 x 27 cm – 32 pages

My Passion Kit


Horses Passion/Danse Passion


A unique book for girls who are horses fans. Contains a pencil, cards, stencils, ruler and Post-it©. The best way to play and learn about horses.

A box containing a book to fill in and plasticine which hardens in the air to make a molding of the foot or the hand of your baby.

8/12 years – 19 x 23,5 cm – 48 pages

Off-beat picture word books UNEXPECTED PICTURE


Quirky picture word book Unexpected picture word book Turn the clock back picture word book

28 x 21 x 2,5 cm – book: 32 pages (19 x 20 cm) sion Mon kit pas

Those unexpected word books combine wonderful photos to tickle the imagination of children and help them to open their mind.



pprends quelles sont les différentes races de chevaux, les robes, le matér iel d’équit ation, quel est le che val le plus incroyable du monde… Dessine des chevaux avec des pochoirs et grâce aux conseils de dessin puis décore-les avec de jolis stickers. Note les adress es de tes amies, les résultats de vos concours, vos histoires du club équestre…


8/12 years – 22 x 27 cm – 32 pages

Mon kit passion

Dans ce k it, dé couv re des tas d’ infos sur ton animal préféré et beaucoup de choses p our t’amuser !


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Iryna Stepanova


My Baby Box

Yum Yum!

Sergiy Kabachenko

Yum Yum! ISBN : 1233845468778

Crazy fruits! / Crazy Cakes


Simple and healthy recipes to transform fruits into a series of animals and objects as much funny as appetizing. 7/10 years – 21,5 x 17,5 cm – 32 pages

1, 2, 3, Ponies!

Far off treasures

Welcome to the pony club!/ How to take care of your pony


The ideal series for pony-loving children who start riding. Accessible and absorbing texts detail the special relationship between the child and the animal. The first discoveries of the world of riding are presented in an emotional way, helping the child to be independent while taking care of this animal. Beautiful and original photographs are completed by friendly illustrations. 5/7 years – 20 x 23 cm – 32 pages

We lcpoonmy eclub! to th e


In this marvellous box, decorated in true chinese splendor, the child will discover five drawers that are different doors to the Chinese culture. A reading drawer to explore traditional tales and ideogram, a writing drawer to experience calligraphy, recipes, Chinese games, shadow theatre, all to experience and discover the Chinese culture in a playful manner. Other titles in the series: Russia, India, Africa, etc. 6/10 years – 27 x 22 cm – Book with objects (cards, stickers, tangram, brush, sticks, etc.)



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