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Remember: every woman is beautiful and perfect in their own individual way; we are here to accentuate a woman’s beauty, not change it.



The brushes used in cosmetics application make all the difference. Invest in the 15-piece Professional Brush Set and a Foundation Brush and you will notice how flawless your technique will become.

Too much foundation can give the face an artificial, heavy look.

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation can create the look of having a dewy complexion.

A little Eye Base blended well on the eyelid creates a smooth surface for eye shadow to glide on, making the application last longer and blend easier.


If and when you use foundation all over the face, be sure to blend into your jawline and slightly onto the neck. Otherwise, you’ll have a distinct line between the two, and it will appear as if you are wearing a mask.

Oftentimes in photographs you’ll notice that your face is white and your chest is tan. That’s because the flash reflects light off the face (with foundation and powder) and the raw skin of your chest or neck absorbs the light. Next time you’re going to be photographed, be sure to apply a bit of the powder to your neck and chest.


It is recommended to apply concealer after foundation to make sure you apply extra coverage where you may need it and to avoid applying too much.


To avoid uneven distribution, tap off excess powder from the brush before applying to the face.

When using powder products such as blush, bronzer or eye shadows, apply a light application of loose or pressed powder first. This is the best way to ensure smooth blending. Powder blushes applied directly to the skin will “grab” in oily areas, creating a blotchy application.

Adding some additional loose powder just underneath the eye, down the bridge of the nose, and right under the bottom lip (at the beginning of your makeup application) can result in subtle highlighting of these areas when you’re finished. Powder, placed underneath the eye, also helps catch falling shadow and mascara, which can easily be brushed away when you’re done.


Shimmer and pearlized powders make great highlighters! Use one to two shades lighter or darker than the natural skin color to either highlight or contour.



Light pink or gold creme shadows make great highlighters.

If possible, you should remove contact lenses before working on the eye area and put them back in when you’re done.


Make sure to use translucent powder to make blending easier.

When applying eye shadow to the crease of the eye, keep the eye open. Besides being able to see the shape you are creating, the color will go into (and slightly above) the crease.





For easier application with Khol Eyeliners, first try softening the tip of the pencil by drawing a few lines on the back of your clean hand.



Curling your lashes is an extremely effective makeup technique. It doesn’t involve any superfluous equipment or products. It doesn’t hurt (unless you slip and pinch your eyelid) and the change is instantaneous. Curled lashes can make you look awake (and more vibrant) and for women with lashes that grow straight forward or down, it’s an instant eye-opener. Followed by mascara, the effect is even greater. Never pump air into your mascara by moving the wand in and out of the tube because this action will cause your product to dry out too quickly.






Match your lip crayon shade to your lipstick shade as close as possible to ensure a more natural look.


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motives application