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{A Profile on Two Great people who Are " one of A Kind") I

There is o quotable oxiom that goes this way: "For one to succeed in life, he must make the simplest yet, thg best slternatlves", As much qs I instinctively believe in this cureote prlnciple, fl+o of not only the best of my ccmrodes but alsa twqin of the most notoble figures in the high shoal likewise do so. Being pqragons in their wqy own rights, they ore not just like those qveroge hoi polloi vve meet everydoy, ln foct, knowing them is a priviiege; meetlng them is an honor, And you, would you like to get ocquainted with them? You do7 then, spend same tirne reading this article snd odd another friend to your lifb gs you meet two new people o promislng scientist qnd a consun\mate cthlete! -



I i

FREDERICK AMAN V!LI-AMENA High-lensed eyeglcsses, o neorsighted vision, a chameleon- resemblent body and a bevy of people (usuolly girls) surrounding him. lilell, these qre the very innuendos of o person's dercription that woald surely bustle o somehow peculior inkling in your minds. You might even think of him ssq nerd 0t first, but mind you - knowing him will mcke a great difference in your tife, ,4nd so without further ada, fellow Thomasians - meet Frederick Villameno. Erick, cs called by his peers is 76 ys61"5 old. A't 5'8, he suirl he never even tried hishand tn sporrs, "my first love is Science", he confesses, His hobbtes irtclude playlng the pleno, reacling (especially gientific books) ana' simultstieaus e,<i:erlmentctictl. He e','en insro,lled e prirct€, self-made iabpratorlt ar home, Although fram ttfi€ io:,tnie, se;e,'i:'ii,,s€,it::,'t4s colt1€ rc :he scere he srl,li lnancges to srond bSt his own reoson andprinciple, :har is; :o gi',c the Sc,'ence its reai vclrie sno'essential signiflcarice. Ll'hen oskeci, v+'hat vvere the things thoi did influence him to have thot rore scientific enthusiasm - he vid, it's iust inborn! But, he woutd olso like to gratiiy those people who ore in one way or another have helped him to develop himself: his porents, his aunt who is o biologist, his teschers (most especially lllrs, Const0ntino, Ms. Santos snd M rs. Goposin) and of course, h is ever-loyal, ever-sincere ond ever-"search ing-for a tutor-in either Biology, chemistry and Physics" FRIENDS (welt, that includes ME), A big fan of the phenomensl Culture Club, Erick himself mode a greot phenamenan when he wqs iust o simple gossoon. During his elementary days, he wos chosen as the head of the Science Club. Through this, he wus able to expond his horizons by not only establishing o "very own" y7{-JNG SCIENTISTS CLUB'in his own cammunity but qlso by setting up an innovotive lobarotory where he performs alt his experimentatian snd discoveries. Sa far, he has devised o very own Bunsen Burner, o chemical oppsratas and even - a piece of sug!-1!yt for thase who would like ta pursue 0 coreer on


Science,hemusttokeextra,on,on,a@)i,everyendeavorhewi|tdealwith,u,,aa-i,io,v.u.ou/,.n. t - --' leqrned his lesson when severol dropl ofldfimoline (a kind "that"

of chemica9 accidentally hit his eye anC ie's welrtng those high-lensed

caused his bteoking vision oi present qnd the reoson behincl why eyeglosses!

As o true-blood notianotist, Erick knows the difference between fascism and democracy. But he here in our notive land. ln thot sense, I wlll be able ta express the true ideols ond the right ottitude of o scientist, that is: to glve no regard to selfglory or fame but think merely of giving the much-sought convenience ond innovotion to the even-incrementing human populoce" unquote, Mind you - he wants to toke BS Chem in College, dreoms of going abroad and globetrot, wishes to hove a slmple yet a happy family but above oll is dreoming to be the very first -

vid, quote: "l still prefer to devote my time

Filipino to receive the much+oveted NOBEL PRIZE! , perhaps



in the iield of Chemistry,



I was about to atight the jeepney wherein both of us ore riding and in the stronge manner, where we spent the time for this interuiew - when he postscriptedly onswered my last question, thot is: his motto ond messoge to the youth. He replied: "Life is not certoin that you will win, but make it certoin thot you will try", He wants to tell the youth of the world thot they must toke problems only os chollenges ond for the reeson, must entangle LOVE and Courage in each and every wark they do, coupled with patience, perseveronce but most especiolly . . . PRAYER! GLENN ICASIANO BILOG Being on exemplary student, o benevolent son, o yaung businessmon and o great athlete at the - qn eosy task to deol with, But for a dashing ond doring 17-yeor old debonoire Iike Glenn Bilog, oll would be nothing but a piece of coke, Tots, os nicknomed by his comrodes is truly the ideal perfect mon "you've" sll been looking for, Heovenly hondsome, extremely rich, truly intelligent, excitingly brawny, he-msn in body, benign, humble, responsible and very independent, what else? lt seems thot he has all the quolifications to be named as MR. PERFECT, Consummote? Not quite. Because he himself sid thzt he lqcks height. At 5'5, he confesses, it was the very factor thot nullified him from joining the bosketbqll teom he once dreornt of being a member in. For some people, this one fiqsco would meon the end of the world for them. but for this guy, it was justa challenge; h.e didn't stop, He never lost hope ond in foct, he tried his hond in other sports, Glenn mode up hismind to resort to footboll. At first, he said he was just imitating the techniques of such sports giznts like Pele' ond l'|/orthy, He also begon to reod books (especially about footboll) and brochures oppertraining to'the world of the athletes, Well, those were the doys of pain and uncertainty and those days are already gone, NAW, Glenn is truly qn established footbolt ptayer or for thot matter, o great athlete. He hss alreody won severol owards qnd titles in othletics, which includes being the captoin botl of 2 Chompion Squods: a Footboll teqm snd o Volleyball Teom ond also ss the "Most lmproved Bosketball Player" during his slitd days' Nat only that; ot present he has his very own betomqx rentals shop ot home ond he also finds time to still pursue with his hard hobbies to breok;those are: going out of towh, listening to pop music and of course, sports. Oh yes, this guy reolly honkers for the physicol skills, ln foct, when osked to refute this stztement: "Sports is nothing but sweating", he immediately remonstrated, quote: "sports isagreat woy of developing physicol ond mental qbilities, o procticol medium of preventing vices ond of course, of attaining our gools! ", unquote. Goals? llell, thot wos the next question I asked him. He said, incipiently - he wsnts to finistt high school, ofter thot, toke up Computer Engineering in college ond consequently, ioin the football teom, Then after groduoting, he woutd wont to go obroad (particularty, the United Stotes) and work there. He also dreams of establishing s business h the Stotes, "perhops . . . he soid, q store selling sports equipment" lVell, too far it may be, the victory and success of Glenn is truly something wh.ich all of us con look fonvord to, And if you either hlppen to meet him in one of the many corridors of the high school or perhaps, occidentolly (but fortunotety) bump into him on one unexpected time and then osk qbout his secret of fsme and success, he'll sureiy tell you: "For one to become a good othlete, he must know how to budget his time, to endorse himself in strenuous training ond proper exercise, to make it o hsbit to hqve proper sleep and diet snd consider the vqlues of teamwork, discipline and proyer! He'll also arge you to believe thqt atl youths have chonces of providing what they ore worth. "lt's only up for them to have faith in what they are doing ond to st1nd up when they stumble", he odded, , The school librory was about to be filled with helter-skeltering students engoging in their own businesses. lt seems thot I began running out of questions to osk him, but t myself didn't want to end the interuiew, But t thought, neither of us should bore each other, so I just asked him a rother personol query, thot goes this way: "lilhat has been keeping you on the go? " I woited not o second when he instontly replied, quote: "l only do one thing, that is: I alwoys encyst my motto, in everything I do to ploce faith in, in this saying: "Do your best in everything you do,,! t I

sme time is not that oll

Melecio M. Pefra


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