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AutoCAD These working drawings were adapted from an original design project. This NAIT Dormitory is a three-story building with a kitchen and dining area on the main floor and residential suites on the top floors.

NAIT Dormitory


SKETCHUP For this project we were to design our own interpretation of the ‘Bank of the Future’ for ATB Financial individually. Throughout the process of designing this building, we had to take into consideration the new technologies used, historical neighbouring sites, land-use bylaw for the site, and what ATB wanted their building to represent. My concept for the bank of the future for ATB Financial was Relationship. ATB has established itself as a welcoming and trustworthy neighbour through the relationships it builds. In this design solution, size, and supporting columns communicate strength and dependability while its long, linear lines create a relaxing effect. The bank of the future merges new technology and a renewed focus on its community and customers.

Pedestrian View

Created with AutoCAD ®, Sketchup, and Photoshop

ATB Financial Bank Design

Back View

This floor plan has a large, glass enclosed area to allow people to enjoy the view of the exterior landscaping and to feel relaxed while waiting. The bank and community space is very spacious allowing for easy movement, and the teller area has different levels to allow for accessibility for diverse customers.


For the interiors, I tried to incorporate spacious areas with comfortable seating and wide views of the street to help customers feel relaxed. The layered counters, with transparent glass, create a sense of accessibility and connection to the bank employees. The community space boasts a local art gallery with room for workshops. It is a hub for people to express themselves and to tell their stories through various art mediums. Like the bank, it is a space meant to connect people and to allow them to work and grow together.

INTERIORS Bank and Community Space

Northlands Revitalization In this project we worked in a team to design a newconcept idea and layout of the Northlands Area in Edmonton. This area consisted of the Coliseum, Expo Centre, Northlands race track, and Borden Park. The primary purpose of the Northlands Area Redevelopment Plan is to establish a clear vision, supported by principles in response of the community. Strengthening of the area’s sustainability, bicycle lanes, sense of public realm, and safety, supports its evolution into a high density, mixed-use district based on the community’s surveys and history. Created with AutoCAD ®, Sketchup, and Photoshop

My responsibility was to create renderings of a streetscape and sidewalk view on a main street that showcased our goal of a sustainable and mixed-use environment.


GRAPHICS SketchUp & Photoshop

All Day Cafe White Drug Mart

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