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JOY OSORIO As we hype up for the coming May tribute for motherhood, let us look at this familiar smiling face in the community yet so extraordinary in many counts. The OSORIO family have in their midst, JOY, a wonderful mother who, together with her husband, LORVIC serve as unit leaders in Fairfield/Campbelltown Chapter. The family of 7 arrived in Australia in Nov. 2004 as true pioneering migrants. There was no relative to welcome them in Sydney. But they easily got friends, embraced the Aussie way of life when they started in Smithfield and were befriended by CFC’s. In March, 2005, they attended a CLP and CFC became their extended family. Three more boys were added to the clan. Here was when the house helpers and the easy way of life back home became too hard to dismiss. But eventually CFC filled the void and the mission kept them busy. They moved to Campbelltown and settled into a comfortable home 2 years ago. Joy hurdles in getting up early in the mornings, especially on rainy days. Her greatest wish is to have sleep ins but for a mother of 8 energetic and demanding school kids, there was just no such thing as time for herself. The chaotic times are practically all day – from preparing breakfast, driving them to school, doing household chores, picking them after school, feeding and helping in their school work.

Saying YES to community and parish did not come easy – they struggle to be able to be there for their members in teachings, MER’s, prayer assemblies and other demands when there is someone sick. To be punctual on teachings and prayer meetings are trying times. To leave home the bigger kids and then to face the reality of tasks left undone after is enough to discourage most. But as she prays for guided balance of family and service, she feels blessed, nourished and recharged. This young family is not only always visible in assemblies, teachings and mission trips but also always willing to be part of any service team. The whole family is travelling to the Philippines next month to attend the Oceania Conference and CFC’s 30th Anniversary. The ten of them travelling altogether is a real treat, according to LORVIC, an IT specialist, who said that this is an opportune time for them to travel as a family.

The happy Osorio family tree: Arvic- 22, Leanne - 21, May - 19, Joylyn 16, Lorenz - 10, Joseph - 5, Caiden – 3 and Caleb 7months old LIGHT MOMENTS by: Josie Pangilinan

On Motherhood  

On Motherhood