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I AM BLESSED, RAISED, BROKEN AND SHARED By: Yolly R. Sison – C.L.O.W.N.S. SG-Mission Team Theme Weekend / Christian Personal Relationship (CPR) Darwin Australia, July 16-17, 2011 I am BLESSED to be a part of CFC Singapore’s Mission Volunteer Team. I am blessed to be in C.L.O.W.N.S.(Called, Listened, Obeyed, Walked, and Nurtured with a Spirit-Led Heart) team. I am blessed that I worked with the people who showed humility, perseverance, modesty, unity, prudence, leadership, passion and gave their all in service to our big GOD and was also given a great privilege to be of service to others. With the teachings, trainings and formations given by CFC Singapore; I am RAISEDto be a brave comrade who is always ready for a battle. Full geared, nourished and watered with the fervent prayers and support of the team and the whole community.I was given an opportunity to be a better Christian, to serve others in GOD’s way. Up to now I am still being hone and mold to be a great servant of God. But just like any other soldier, I was deeply wounded, hurt and BROKEN.Fighting and aiming to win the battle for GOD against all evil was not easy.I was surrounded by enemies in all forms such as oppressions, distractions, family problems and all sorts of simple things which turned out to be big! Weeks before the mission trip in Darwin, Australia, the evil one was lurking around and tried to ambush me, surely he gave his best shot to stop me from service. He will not stop in attacking those people who are about to do GOD’s work, will throw stones in your fruit bearing tree, until you give up and until your tree would become barren. The insurmountable obstacles were just in front of my face! I was struggling, almost fell and stumbled, thought that I couldn’t make it anymore, totally defocused and distracted that prompted me to back out

from service to Darwin, Australia. I cried my heart to HIM, begging to carry me as I might fall anytime, to shield and protect me from all my enemies. And for the nth time, GOD saved me from the trap of the evil one thru the powerful prayers of the team. I had hope, I stood up, got my strength and from our GOD who gave Himself as my one and only weapon.GOD intentionally allows brokenness to help me make stronger, more courageous, more humble and more faithful; to equip me for ministry to others. It is HIS way of reminding me that I am in a constant journey of conversion. It was my second time in Darwin Australia. And this second time, I again witnessed and experienced the warmth embrace, generosity and hospitality of our dear brethren in Darwin. Faces which you will obviously see happiness and spirit-filled aura. I was truly inspired with the overwhelming support and never ending fellowship and awed by their service. Darwin will always be forever in my heart, it always be a part of my everyday life, always remember that for once, that world became part of mine. I came to know the deepest meaning of being a missionary, the essence of it is incomparable and the grace that I got from it. I SHARED my whole, obeyed the leading of my Savior, my commanding general. It was difficult though, however, I knew that GOD wants me to be an instrument to impart His message, to be the deliverer of His words. GOD used me in many ways as possible. And true enough, it was triumphant and victorious; with GOD at my side, I conquered the evil one! I was able to stand up firmly and proud thus vanquished all the negatives forces that I have faced. I will keep on holding to His promise…..GOD says “Just stand, and I will fight for you”! GOD will fight for you….you need only to be still (Exodus 14:14)

All praises, honor, glory to our REDEEMER, SAVIOR and CREATOR!

Darwin Mission  
Darwin Mission  

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