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Beautiful Breeds of Cats

Are you thinking of buying a pet? Cats could be a very wonderful option in the regards. While most of them are friendly to the humans, they are extremely charming and eye-capturing in their looks.

Here are some beautiful cat breeds of the world that you could bring to keep them as pets.

Scottish Fold Cat The Scottish cats are known for their affectionate and playful nature. They also have an eccentric feature that is folded ears. They have very cute appearance and are available in both long and short hair.

Persian Cat These are one of the oldest breeds of cats that originate from Iran. They have long hair on their entire body and are available in variety of colors such as white, blue, red, cream, black, chocolate and silver etc.

Maine Coon Cat They are one of the biggest varieties of tamed cats. They have a very thick coat to keep warm and also cold resistant. They have large oval eyes that occur in white, copper, gold and green colors.

Exotic Longhair Cat These are a cross-breed between Persian and exotic shorthair cat. They are adorable with round face and short muzzle. They have long hairy outer coat and thick inner coat.

British Shorthair Cat British Shorthair Cat known to be one of the bigger breeds of cats, these are highly friendly to the human beings and get adjusted in any kind of environment. They could be found in silver, black, blue, cream, red and gold colors.

Siamese It is one of the most intelligent breeds of cats that are highly beautiful in appearance and could occur in colors such as blue, black, gold, silver and chocolate etc.

Balinese Cat The Balinese is sapphire blue eyes cat with long hair. Their coat is very soft and silky with medium length hair. They could be found in iliac, chocolate, red and cream colors.

Angora Cat They originates from the Angora city in Turkey and look similar to Persian cats. They could occur in various colors like black, smoke, tabby, tabby white and brown. Their eyes also have many colors like blue, yellow, green, amber and odd-eyed etc.

American Bobtail Cat These cats are extremely beautiful as they could occur in all sorts of colors. They have a shaggy coat and a short tail.

Abyssinian Cat They are one of the oldest breeds of cats to be tamed and are highly attractive in their looks. Abyssinian Cats have short hair on their body and occur in colors such as yellow, hazel, green and gold.

Russian Blue Russian Blue is very cute and beautiful cat. This breed considered as the most intelligent, curious and playful cat that is the reason they are loved by the people and famous among them.

Bengal Cat It is one of the cats that are crossbreeds of cats and leopards. It is very beautiful in its appearance and is highly alert in nature.

Buying of these cats is not the end of responsibility but it’s the starting. You have to follow all the methods of proper cat grooming to keep their appearance healthy and offer them a long overall life.

Beautiful breeds of cats provides Fun facts, grooming tips and information on the behavior, care and feeding of your pets. The domestic cat or t...

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