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GRAMMAR simple past of be

Asdfadsfadsfasdfasffasasd sa

Das Were you nervous?

I was only 17

I wasn`t very old

You were friendly

You weren`t relaxed

Yes, I was. / No. I wasn’t Was it fun?

She was strict

She wasn`t very nice

It was awful

It wasn`t fun

Yes, it was. / No, it wasn’t.

We were quiet

We weren`t noisy

Were they nice?

They were scared

They weren’t happy

Yes. They were. / No. they weren’t


Dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdf gdfg

How was your vacation?

Where did you go?

Where were you exactly?

Who did you go with?

What was the game like?

What did you do?

How long were you there?

When did you get back?

STRATEGGY PLUSS “ANYWAY” You can use ANYWAY to change the topic og a conversation Example: “Anyway, what did you do?” You can also use Anyway to end a conversation. Example: “The party was good, Well, anyway… I have to go.”

EXAMPLES: SIMPLE PAST OF BE: Was Alen a bad student? NO he wasn’t, he was a great student. Was Rosa’s boss happy about her mistakes? Yes, they were nice because Rosa was new. INFORMATIVE QUESTIONS How was your vacation?

It was fun

Where were you exactly? In Galapagos island What was the game like?

I was like Mario kart

Grammar simple past of be