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Title: Generate complete Websites on Autopilot


We all know that when it comes to marketing a product, we need a Website. If we want to promote multiple products, we also need multiple websites to archive higher visibility. The competition isn't sleeping either, so to stay on top; many marketers create tons of websites for different products. Especially if you make money through Ad senseor Click bank, you need many websites to successfully promote your products and get more traffic. Content generators exist since years, but they lack proper text. The Markova algorithm is widely used to produce unique text that spiders happily accept. The problem here is that a normal user instantly recognizes that its auto generated content. However there is a website generator that is soon to be released, which can produce human readable text with an own proprietary algorithm, combined with spin tax and Thesaurus. This software called ARGOcontent is so powerful, that it can create hundreds of pageswithin seconds, so in a matter of seconds you have a complete content rich website. With integrated CSSgenerator it is easy to build new themes. You can even adapt any existing themes from other systems. Included in the program is a word press clone theme that looks so authentic, that normal users will think they are visiting a real blog. It has many more features that you can checkout at along with a few screenshots. The whole system is Search Engine save and will stay that way, as its not cloaking or doing anything that is against any TOS,so it can be used perfectly for white hat or black hat SEOalike. Create content rich Websites for Ad sense, so called MFA Sites, Doorways, SalesPages;you can even use it as article generator for other programs and much more! The program is still in private beta, but it should only be a few weeks before it will be released. You can sign up to the waiting list on the ARGOcontent generator website and be informed once it will be released. This is one of those tools that really will make you money if its used properly. I'm one of the Beta testers, so i can say with confidence that it works as advertised. My test page got every single page indexed within days even though i did not promote it at all! The second page I created ranks in bing #1 for its main keyword and page 2 on Google with a new domain that even received PR2.Not bad for a simple test I’d say. I can just recommend it for anyone serious about internet marketing; it can help you a lot, even if it’s just to create a link farm with your own domains to push your money pages. Why use web 2.0 that may go away anytime, if you can build own authority domains that stick? I started to do that with the help of ARGOcontent. Just a friendly advice as i'm sure many of you have the same problem i had - creating sites takes too long and the more pagesyou have the more money you can make, as simple as that. ARGOcontent generator is the best content generator i have tested sofa. Nothing beats it and its well programmed, unlike many other SEOtools. I don't want to make this sound like a sales page, but i really do think this Software is the best thing i got in the last 5 years. Just give it a try once it’s out, I’m sure you won't regret it!


Tired of creating websites or paying others to do it for you? Then this software is what you need! Create unlimited websites with AGROContent generator no matter if you do Black hat SEO,White hat SEOor whatever hat you wear, everyone needs websites to sell products, right? Now you can create unlimited websites with the push of button.

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Generate complete Websites on Autopilot  

We all know that when it comes to marketing a product, we need a Website. If we want to promote multiple products

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