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My composition

ď‚– Erick Armando Madera Sandoval 413


Introduction The world is a wonderful place which never fails to impress, perhaps why the term "every day you learn something new," Such knowledge you acquire, in today's world speaking English is essential to have achieved great work or simply takes. So I'm at that stage a learner may be filled with knowledge and ensure a better future for my

  Content  • About me  • My pet  • My father •

Life in Mexico

 • Email to my friend  • Bed & Breakfast  • Film & Television

 My name is Erick Armando Madera Sandoval, I live in Mexico City, I have 16 years old  I live with mi two father. My mom her name is Euridice Sandoval Sanchez and my father his name is Fredy Alberto Madera Molina

 I assist at Escuela Nacional Preparatoria No. 1 and my teacher of English is Mrs. Delgado


ď‚™ This is my pet, it is a german sheperd dog, its name is Drako, Its about 5 years old and it was a present for my birthday. It is very energetic and playful; it likes to lie on my bed and eats chips. I love it and i like walking with it

ď‚– ď‚™ He is my father he is 35 years old and his job is to rent equipment for social events. ď‚™ His hobbies are playing basketball and reading if he has time. He is very important for my and I love him

  Life in Mexico  All people before going to work or school prepare breakfast to get energy.  In Mexico city, generally all people go to work at 6:00 o clock in the morning. After work, people go home and have dinner in the afternoon  At night people go to bed after a long school day

 hello my friend, what’s up?  I'm writing because I need your help . Do you remember my family?

 My dad and mom are going to Paris. Can they stay with you? also, please send me your address.  What place can they visit?  My dad likes food. Do you know any typical French restaurant? My mom likes architecture and museums, which museums do you recommend? Can you go with them?  I look forward to your answer.  Thanks for your help  ATT: Erick  

 Dear Yayo  I would like a room in your flat for my holiday.

 I would like a big room with all the services, bathroom, minibar, television and internet access.  Does your flat have swimming pool? what places are there near? what is the price per day?  I would like a guided tour, do you have any?  Please send me your answer with the address and the telephone number.  Best wishes, Erick

  I recommend Fox Sport, because its very interesting. It has programs about different sports like basketball, with NBA Team. UEFA Fotball with League Mexican League and Professional Golf, etc  If you like sports a lot. I’m sure .  You will love this channel. I hope you can watch it