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"Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun" -Albert Einstein

About Me: An Oklahoma State interior design student with a creative mind and a talent for commercial design work, and spatial planning. Passionate about multi-family housing such as apartments and dorm rooms. Hobbies include furniture 'make-overs' and re-purposing.

Table Of Contents 3D Sketchup Renderings................................... pages 4-7 Model 8-11 2D AutoCAD Renderings....................................pages 12-15 Hand Rendering..................................................pages 16-20

Sketch Up

Town & Gown Renovation Junior Year

Studio 4

Service learning project concerning the renovation of Stillwater's own community theater, Town and Gown.

Design Concept: “Classic Community� Incorporates classicism using accented stone flooring and ionic columns, with curvilinear lines and an open concept to encourage an inviting atmosphere. In order to emphasize these concepts, I choose to utilize an analogous complementary color scheme using blue-green, green-blue, and orange.

3-D Sketch Up Rendering

Orange is most commonly used to convey feelings of youth and creativity, which makes it an excellent color choice for a community theater looking to bring in audiences of all ages. Orange can also be used to further represent the Oklahoma State community in which Town and Gown is founded by.

Blues and Greens are commonly used to represent nature and things that are organic. Just as a community is. These colors are also associated with feelings of trust and loyalty and honesty; all attributes of a high functioning community.

Residential Home Model Sophomore Year

Studio 1

3-D Sketch Up Rendering

Group Project: Rachel Grau, Nicole Ibanez, Tori Hilger, Ericka Roomsburg Group project designed around a hypothetical client profile. Focused on combining client needs with the ideals of 'aging in place'. Each member was assigned a set of spaces to complete. My focus was on guest bedrooms and the dining area.

approx 3,000 sqft

Model Projects

Model Co-Working Space Sophomore Year

Studio 2

Model Making using Laser Cutters

Group Project: Devon Smith, Tori Hilger, Ericka Roomsburg Effective space planning project taught how to utilize laser cutter techniques to model spaces to scale, while expanding knowledge on the idea behind coworking spaces.

1,650 sqft

CMU Wall Section Model Sophomore Year

Soffit Assembly

Ceiling Tile System

Gypsum Board

Furring Channel

Reinforcement Bars

Studio 3

Model Making

Group Project: Andre Ferreira, Kelsey Hisaw, and Ashtyn Shugart, Ericka Roomsburg Project was used to enhance knowledge on the construction of walls. Each group was given a different wall type to model at the desired scale, and assigned to give a presentation to the class over the different elements of the wall.


Elementary Administration Area Junior Year

Studio 3


This space planning project provided a shell of an administration area in a hypothetical elementary school. Project taught the basics of construction documents and furniture/ fixture scheduling while advancing knowledge of AutoCAD.

2,115 sqft

Tenant Office Space Sophomore Year


Final project from Intro to AutoCAD course showcases the ability to create legible plans, including dimension floor and furniture plans, reflected ceiling plans and data/ power plans.

2,034 sqft

Hand Rendering

Living Room Perspective Freshman Year

Graphics 1

Hand Rendering

Bedroom Floor Plan Freshman Year

Graphics 1

Hand Rendering

Kitchen Elevations Freshman Year

Graphics 1

Hand Rendering

Portfolio Ericka Roomsburg  
Portfolio Ericka Roomsburg