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We’ve faced our truth. More than four decades of helping people with addictions has driven home one cold, brutally real fact: You cannot force someone to change. You can force compliance, but change comes from within. Compliance may be easier to achieve than change, but it doesn’t last. Now, face up to yours. One other fact we’re absolutely sure of is that you are capable of change. No matter how tight a hold addiction has on you. You may not believe it yet, but if you’re here, reading this, we’re convinced we can help you face the truth of your life, and to move forward. The same is true if someone you love or are caring for is struggling with addition. Mirror offers change-based help that can change everything.

YOU’RE NOT ALONE. BUT YOU ARE UNIQUE. Everyone is different, so we tailor a program to meet the multiple needs of each individual in order to maximize the chances of success. We look at every obstacle that could stand between the person and their freedom from addiction – including legal situations, medical realities, transportation needs, childcare, and more. Mirror works to give the people the tools, the understanding, and the power to make positive choices through a cognitive based approach. OUR PERSONAL APPROACH At Mirror, the person who joins a treatment program is the person who’ll determine which behaviors to address. We help to create a program that offers the greatest opportunity for success, through skill development that focuses on strengths and provides the tools for change. Whether you are working one-on-one with a counselor, attending group sessions or discussing your goals with a support group, you will find the Mirror approach results in positive change.

WHERE WE’RE COMING FROM Mirror was founded in 1972 on the belief that people can and do change. Including you.

We’re a not-for-profit, private corporation providing behavioral healthcare, prevention and wellness, and correctional re-entry services. As a major provider in Kansas, we offer a comprehensive continuum of services and programs for people looking for help. Our mission is to make a difference for more people, families and communities through comprehensive, integrated health and wellness approaches. We’re committed to empowering people to be the best version of themselves and promoting safe, healthy people in strong communities.


At Mirror, we define addiction as a chronic disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences. It is also characterized by a high potential for relapse. Because of the structural changes that occur in the brain and affect functioning, addiction is considered a disease. These changes can be long lasting and lead to harmful behaviors. If left untreated, consequences of addiction can last a lifetime and can result in death due to the effects of use on other organ systems within the body. Just like many other chronic diseases, addiction can be successfully managed. Mirror’s approach is designed to help you succeed in counteracting addiction’s powerful, disruptive effects on the brain and behavior – and help you regain control of your life. To accomplish that, services are tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual. Emphasis is placed on using cognitive, behavioral and other research-based approaches.

Our mission is to make a difference for more people, families and communities



​ etox by itself is not a cure for an addiction. Detoxification from D drugs and alcohol is aimed at managing withdrawal symptoms and acute intoxication. It involves cleansing toxins from a patient’s body who has been dependent upon substances.

Proper nutrition and exercise are encouraged as the person is able to participate There are three main areas of focus during drug or alcohol detox:


​ valuation involves testing for substances in the addicted person’s E system. Our 12-panel drug screens include tests for alcohol, marijuana (including THC isolates, wax, hash and edible products), amphetamines (including methamphetamine, Ritalin, Ecstasy, MDMA and Molly), buprenorphine (Suboxone and Subutex), benzodiazepines (including Ativan, Valium, Xanax, and others), cocaine (including crack cocaine), opiates (including heroin, oxycodone, Vicodin, Percocet, fentanyl, morphine, methadone, and others), phencyclidine (including ketamine and PCP), and barbiturates (including amobarbital, phenobarbital and others). Further testing starts when a registered nurse does a nursing assessment and the patient’s vital signs to determine whether a patient is ready for detox at our facility. The individual’s health and substance abuse history are reviewed, along with allergies, current medications, or any other factors that may affect his or her health. A licensed therapist will screen for mental and physical health disorders that affect an individual’s overall well-being. A behavioral health assessment gives us a clear look at the person’s background and needs for treatment, considering 12 different psychosocial factors. This aids us in developing an effective treatment plan for long-term sobriety. The evaluation also includes a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and physical examination by a qualified psychiatrist or mental health nurse practitioner.


Sometimes individuals detoxing from substances can have severe symptoms while withdrawing, especially during a detox from benzodiazepines, alcohol or opiates. At our facility, vital signs are checked regularly and patients are examined by a registered nurse on a daily basis. Board-certified addiction specialists follow up with the recovering person regularly also. Often, medications are prescribed to treat symptoms such as nausea, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue and irritability.


This important step prepares an individual to enter a treatment program. Proper nutrition and exercise are encouraged as the person is able to participate, with help from our team, which includes a Certified Personal Trainer and registered nurses. In preparation to complete detox, clients will participate in group counseling and individual therapy sessions. A treatment plan is created with a clear set of goals to accomplish in order to graduate the treatment program.

Sometimes individuals detoxing from substances can have severe symptoms while withdrawing

Why are we non-12-step? We’d like to state at the outset that this does not mean that we are Anti-AA. (See “An Open Letter to Our Friends at AA.”) We believe in anything that works, and we believe that individuals should have a variety of choices from which to choose. Since 1995, here at Assisted Recovery, we have seen our approach work even when the 12step approach had previously failed.

Most people are already familiar with AA’s primarily spiritual program of recovery (turning your will and your life over to a Higher Power). AA offers many social support resources, in the form of self-help group meetings that are available nearly everywhere… plus dances, pot-luck suppers, retreats and conventions where members can meet other sober people. AA also offers some limited psychological tools, mostly in the form of simple slogans such as “One Day at a Time,” which are easy to understand and remember.

Finally EvidenceBased Treatment for Opiates that will empower you to quit using and make positive changes in your life. As a recognized leader in the non-12-Step recovery movement, Assisted Recovery’s founder and Director Lloyd Vacovsky was interviewed for the Penn and Teller Show on the Showtime Cable TV network. The episode about AA, entitled “12 Stepping”, which began airing in September 2004. In this episode, Penn and Teller were particularly critical of AA, and of government-mandated attendance to what is essentially a religious program. (Note: Suggested only for mature audiences and those who are not offended by foul language.)

Assisted Recovery is a leader in providing state of the art treatment for opiate dependence. ARCA addresses the biological, psychological and social components of the recovery process. This program fully integrates medications with psychosocial support. This type of integrated program is an example of the Pennsylvania Model of Recovery. The model is so named in recognition of the work of the University of Pennsylvania and in particular Dr. Joseph Volpicelli, MD, PhD (author of Recovery Options) Assisted Recovery is a fully licensed behavioral health agency, Arizona BH 2620. We recognize that most individuals whom become dependent upon drugs and or alcohol have core psychological issues which they self-medicate for. Stopping drug use does not stop the cravings and the thought processes that lead an individual to relapse. ARCA provides effective individual and group cognitive behavioral therapy. Suboxone® protocols offer opiate dependent individuals a safe, effective and reasonable path to abstinance and recovery. Treatment is provided in an Out Patient professional setting. With Suboxone®, we can safely and effectively detox an individual from opiate dependence comfortably in an Out Patient environment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is provided and is an integral component of the Assisted Recovery Pennsylvania Model program. It fully meets the counseling requirement that is mandated by the Food & Drug Administration for individuals taking Suboxone®. ARCA recognizes the anxiety and depression associated with detoxing from opiates. Further that benzodiazapine’s are not an appropriate response. ARCA utilizes ondansetron as a safe and effective alternative to a benzodiazapine. As soon as a client is detoxed, ARCA strongly reccomends the use of Vivitrol(r) which is injectible naltrexone. Vivitrol(r) blocks the ability to use any type of opiate for 30 days. Vivitrol(r) is an escential tool that clearly is often the differance between success and failure. ARCA works closely with Vivitrol’s manufacturer Alkermes Pharmaceuticals to facilitate the delivery of Vivitrol(r) to the client. Vivitrol(r) provides the assurance that an individual cannot use an opiate for 30 days. The Assisted Recovery Program fully integrates medications with psychosocial support. This type of integrated program is an example of the Pennsylvania Model of Recovery. The model is so named in recognition of the work of the University of Pennsylvania and in particular Dr. Joseph Volpicelli, MD, PhD (author of Recovery Options) The Psychological component is addressed primarily with the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as developed by Dr. Albert Ellis, PhD of the Albert Ellis Institute of New York City.

Since 1995, here at Assisted Recovery, we have seen our approach work even when the 12-step approach had previously failed



We are committed to providing excellent care to our patients. And we are continually striving to improve our services we offer for the better and convenience of our patients.


Our mission is to enhance the health and wellbeing for people by providing effective health and human services and substained advances in sciences, underlying medicine, public health and social services.


Dr. Hairston is a board-certified family practitioner who received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice at Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA. She is a native of South Carolina. Currently, she lives in Huntersville, NC. She attains a flight medic certification to where she serves in the North Carolina Air National Guard located in Charlotte, NC at which serves for 19 years. Dr. RambertHairston holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Johnson C. Smith University; Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing from Winston-Salem State University. She was a parttime faculty member at Walden in the School of Health Science, April 2014. She teaches the MSN program and serves as a DNP preceptor at Chatham University. Dr. Hairston instructs military medical personnel on a variety of healthcare topics. She has committed 17 years in healthcare and professionally worked as a community-based counselor for over 10 years.

“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything “ - Arabian Proverb

GOD TOUCH MILWAUKEE A Place of Restoration for Young Men

God is touching the people we serve by giving them hope through godly teaching, mentoring, and hands-on practical opportunities such as employment.


God’s Word is what changes hearts. This is why biblical teaching is at the core of what we do for those who are a part.


Relationship is key when you are establishing trust and teaching people to grow in Christ. Fathering brings true change.


Hands-on employment brings true meaning and fulfillment as well as a sense of responsibility for our tenants.


Radio is an effective means of communicating the Gospel to a wide audience while at the same time providing partner ministries an opportunity to share their testimonies. God Touch Milwaukee is anointed to reach people who others often find it difficult to build a relationship with. We go beyond just teaching the Bible to actually living the Word and discipling others through mentoring.

God is touching the people we serve by giving them hope through godly teaching, mentoring, and handson practical opportunities such as employment.


• Attend an outreach event • Provide items from our wish list • Prepare a meal for one of our neighborhood Bible studies • Serve as a mentor • Secure corporate sponsorship • Add God Touch Milwaukee, Inc. to your charitable donation • Include God Touch Milwaukee, Inc. in your prayers and giving plans


Here are just a few examples of how your donation can impact the lives of those we reach: • A gift of $3,500 will assist with the start-up funds of another Christian sober living home • A gift of $750 will support a local neighborhood outreach event • A gift of $400 will provide a one month stay at God Touch Milwaukee • A gift of $250 will provide groceries, hygiene supplies and a bus pass for one month

God is touching the people we serve by giving them hope through godly teaching, mentoring, and handson practical opportunities such as employment.


Services Comprehensive Addiction Counseling & Recovery Programs

Conquer your addictions with recovery programs and addiction counseling from our center in Everett, Washington. Counselors with more than 20 years of experience provide you with personalized care from Everett Treatment Services.

Recovery Program

Take control of your life with comprehensive, caring, and confidential treatment services from our counselors. The intensive outpatient (lOP) phase lasts nine weeks. Small groups meet four times a week for two hour sessions and we personalize your treatment program with individual counseling. The less intensive level of care usually consists of 26 groups that meet for an hour once a week. Support and reinforcement are provided in monthly group and individual sessions for as long as desired or necessary. Innovative methods are often employed to assist you and our other patients in your process of recovery. Because family support and understanding greatly enhances personal recovery, we involve your family members through counseling and referral.

Addiction Treatment Services: • Evaluation/Assessment • DUI & Deferred Prosecution Programs • Alcohol/Drug Information School • Employer Support Programs • Family Counseling Sessions • Relapse Prevention Program

• Substance Abuse Program • Day & Evening Sessions • Intensive Outpatient Treatment • Continuing Care • Individual Counseling • Aftercare Planning & Support

A HELPING HAND OF WILMINGTON: We opened our doors in 2007 and have helped thousands of people in the years since. We are family owned and operated with offices in Wilmington and Leland. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you get the personal care and attention you deserve. The staff that have chosen to work here are special; highly dedicated to the people we support and our culture of personal attention and caring attitudes. We hold National Accreditation with CQL (Council on Quality and Leadership). We are contracted to provide Medicaid and State funded services with Trillium Health Resources. We are also a credentialed provider with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance.

We want to be your clinical home. That is why we offer a continuum of care for the entire family so that whatever your need might be at any given time in your life, we can be there for you. You may come and go but we will always be here when you need us!


WE BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITY to find your way to PERMANENT change and to the life you have always dreamed of. We view ourselves as FACILITATORS guiding you on your own personal journey. We do not believe that your path is dependent upon any one therapist or any one service received. We believe that the answers and the ability to change exists within you and we are merely walking along-side you sharing with you what we know, educating you, motivating you, supporting you and giving you the tools you need to make the life-long changes you are striving for. WE KNOW YOU WILL SUCCEED! Our clients mean the world to us and we want to know what you think! Each year we distribute surveys to collect data in many different areas. Improvements are made based on our clients responses. Here are some of the personal notes left to us by our clients on our data collection tools.

What our Clients are Saying about Us njoy e d n like a vided.î y l l a e ìI r s pro e c i v r the se ìThe staff at A Hel ping Hand of Wilmington that I have dealt with exhi bited genuine sincerity and caring about my recovery.î

! All ìSuccessful course mmend a very polite! I reco ilmington helping hand of w servicesî substance abuse

ìHelping Han do and Entire S f Wilmington taff there h ave been and wil l be absolut ely crucial in my continuing recovery. My deepest gratitude an dt out to them.î hanks goes

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Nothing is more important THAN YOUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING!

Concierge MD Los Angeles is a concierge medical practice providing in-home medical house calls and telemedicine consults for urgent care and primary care needs. We have designed our modern practice to meet the

needs of busy individuals and provide a highend on-demand service. Our house call medical service is ideal for patients who prefer the comfort and convenience of having the doctor come to their home.

24/7 ACCESS Available anytime. If you are at home, in your office or traveling for business or recreation and you require immediate and effective medical care.

COMFORT OF HOME Providing high-quality comprehensive medical care, from the comfort of your home, where appointments are not rushed and afford the time to fully meet your needs.

PERSONALIZED CARE Fast access to a medical professional, who is committed to providing each patient with first-rate care and attention in the comfort of their own homes.

VIP TREATMENT Concierge MD Los Angeles offers its patients the utmost in individualized care and attention to afford the highest level of service.

At Memorial Regional Health, we treat

everyone, every day. No longer just a hospital, Memorial Regional Health is a full-service healthcare system. When you start with us, we take you to the finish with expert physicians, advanced technology and specialists for when care gets complex.

We have grown out of the community, for the community and we pride ourselves in taking care of everyone. No one is turned away. As your community’s healthcare system, we are here for you, no matter your ability to pay.

Memorial Regional Health includes a 25bed hospital, multi-specialty medical clinic and a rehabilitation center, located in, and focused on, caring for Northwest Colorado. Several years ago, the community voted to build a new community hospital and we happily agreed to provide the healthcare services you need most, right here at home. Over the years, we have expanded to include a variety of general care and specialty services. And we’ve only just begun! At MRH, we pride ourselves in taking care of you like family. Many of you know our staff as not only healthcare experts, but friends and neighbors as well. We are dedicated to helping you, personally, reach optimum health, and to increasing the health of our community as a whole. Together, we’re stronger.

One unifying name with one common goal: Welcome to Memorial Regional Health.

The History of Memorial Regional Health How we came to be who we are today The original Memorial Hospital on Tucker Street, built in 1949. This site is now home to the current MRH Medical Clinic.

In 1946, a group of concerned Craig citizens banded together in an effort to build a local hospital through fundraising and a Hill-Burton grant. They were successful and The Memorial Hospital on Tucker Street was dedicated in November, 1949. In 1952, the hospital was deeded to the citizens of Moffat County, making it a county-owned hospital. Through the years, the facility was added to in square footage as well as services. It became apparent that the facility was no longer workable as a hospital. The idea of building a new hospital was put up to vote with Moffat County residents in 2007. They voted in support of the hospital, and a new hospital was built at 750 Hospital Loop and was dedicated November 9, 2009. The “old” hospital became the current Memorial Regional Health Medical Clinic housing hospital-employed physicians, physician assistants and traveling specialists. A plan is in place to build a new medical office building, as the original hospital is showing its age and doesn’t accommodate modern medical practices of the Clinic team. The hope is to start building in 2018. The old hospital was a solid foundation for what the health system has become today.

Values Memorial Regional Health - Two Women on Staff These values represent our employees’ CHOICE to practice Compassion, Humility, Ownership, Integrity, Commitment and Excellence in their work at MRH. They represent the CHOICE to come to work and do their best every day; the CHOICE to give excellent care; the CHOICE to have a positive attitude; and the CHOICE in how to respond to changes and challenges. • Compassion– Listen to, and take into account, the needs of your patients, their families, and your co-workers; genuinely understand your patients’ concerns and sense your patients’ emotional, as well as physical, nature of their medical condition. • Humility– Promote service above self; know what you don’t know; never underestimate the competition; listen; be a life-long learner. • Ownership– Become an emotional stockholder in the organization; take personal responsibility for your success as well as the organization’s success. • Integrity– Act with honor and truthfulness; demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles at work. • Commitment– Become emotionally invested in your work as a caregiver; do the right thing for the right reasons, always. • Excellence– Be committed and passionate about your work every day; strive to exceed the patient’s expectations.

Our Community. Our Hospital. Within our health system we provide a comprehensive list of healthcare services, and we are continually adding new services to provide the best care possible to our community.

Mission Statement


To improve the quality of life for the communities we serve through patient-centered healthcare and service excellence.

Memorial Regional Health will be the FIRST choice for patients, physicians and employees.



Sterling Health Solutions, Inc. (SHS) is a 501c3

non-profit corporation that was formed in 2009 by a group of individuals with over 30 years combined experience in the local health care industry. Due to the poor health status of the region, the corporation was formed for the purpose of applying for a New Access Point Community Health Center (CHC) to increase access to medical, dental and mental health care in Bath, Menifee, Montgomery and Nicholas counties in Appalachian Eastern Kentucky. The CHC project was funded as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in June 2012.

Each of the counties in the SHS service area has an underserved federal designation (MUA or MUP). Because the counties are all underserved and have high rates of chronic diseases (especially heart disease, diabetes, and asthma), our target population is the entire service area. Our service area also includes a large number of persons living at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. While lack of health insurance was once a serious problem, we continue to work diligently to sign up as many area people as possible for health insurance. We continue to work closely with our local Public Health Departments, including contracting with them to perform clinical services for the Title X program and breast and cervical cancer screening. This health center organization is a Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254b, and a FTCA deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n).

Sterling Health Solutions, Inc. will not deny patients access to services due to lack of insurance or inability to pay

Mission of Sterling Health Solutions, Inc. “Our mission is to improve the lives for all people in the communities we serve through improved health regardless of the ability to pay for the services.� Sterling Health Solutions, Inc. will not deny patients access to services due to lack of insurance or inability to pay. A sliding fee scale / discounted payment schedule, based on family size and income, is also available. For more information, ask at the front desk or download eligibility forms from below. Thank you. Sterling Health Solutions, Inc. provides patients access to services equally, without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin.

The medical and nursing staff at Sterling Health Solutions, Inc. provide high-quality medical and psychiatric care to the entire family as well as the necessary follow-up for patients referred to specialists. We see people of all ages and provide compassionate, quality, life-long care, referrals to specialists, coordinated health servicing & management of chronic diseases. Here’s a summary of the services we offer:

Medical Care

Medical Complaint & Disease Treatment Medication Management Specialty Referrals Care for Children, Adolescents, Adults & Seniors

Dental Care

Cleanings Exams X-rays Dental sealants Restorative treatment Extractions

Women’s Health Care General Obstetrics General Gynecology Family Planning Gynecologic Surgery

Behavioral/Mental Health Treatment Individual, Group & Family Therapy Sessions Drug & Alcohol Counseling Mental Health Assessments

Chronic Disease Management

Diabetes Asthma Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Obesity (Medical Weight Management)

Well-Child Care

Immunizations School Physicals Preventative Services Nutrition Services Annual Wellness Exams (Yearly Check-ups)

Obstetrical & Gynecological Care

Pregnancy Childbirth Newborn Care

Our doctors and therapists are committed to addressing the underlying causes of addiction

provides Cedar Recovery re while compassionate ca le individual. treating the who is dedicated Cedar Recovery and providing to restoring lives re through a continuum of ca tent with modalities consis research. We evidence-based our patients strive to support t to the with a commitmen community. environment and that loved ones We also believe crucial part of and family are a a supportive recovery because sential for atmosphere is es s. long-term succes Through identifica tion of patient’s behavio rs and triggers, we promote a co nsistent structure to treatm ent that provides sup port and encouragement every step of the way. Althoug h treatment is only part of th e recovery process, we help patients learn how to address ch allenges of life while learni ng how to effectively identif y coping strategies to mai ntain long-term sobriety. are d therapists n a rs to c o d Our g the to addressin tion d te it m m o c ddic causes of a underlying ns eatment pla tr g n ti a re c ds. by ividual nee d in fy ti n e that id h port throug p u s r te s s fo We up therapie ro g d n a l a individu ilies. d their fam n a ts n e ti a for p ervices , aftercare s n io it d d a port In provide sup to le b a il a are av g care after in u n ti n o c d an as ended. treatment h

Cedar Recovery’s mission is to provide our community with the highest quality care for those with chemical dependency. We provide treatment education and hope to those who need help fighting the disease of addiction. We deliver multiple behavioral services to our patients including group meetings, counseling and help connecting them with employment opportunities and teaching job interview skills. Cedar Recovery believes chemical dependence is a treatable disease and that by embracing the values of several evidence-based philosophies, we can help individuals with addiction issues reach recovery. We demand anyone associated with our process to uphold the highest standards of ethics and moral conduct. We maintain a safe environment that is free from judgment, discrimination, harassment, and dishonesty. Cedar Recovery believes addiction is a chronic disease, which must be treated holistically through the mind, body, and spirit. We believe addiction treatment must address all aspects of a recovering person’s life. We recognize that medication assisted therapy is crucial in the first stages of a lifelong path of sobriety and recovery. In the process of recovery, relapse may occur and we treat this as an opportunity to enhance our relationship and deepen our commitment to keep our patients clean. The entire staff of Cedar Recovery is committed to providing ongoing support, encouragement, and compassionate care to our patients in their battle against addiction. Once a person of addiction reaches clarity of mind and body, the difference in their life can be seen as they stop “surviving” and begin “thriving”!

committed to providing ongoing support, encouragement, and compassionate care

Catalyst Health Solutions is licensed through the State of Tennessee and designated as a Preferred Provider by the State of Virginia and the Department of Medical Assistance Services.

providing services for opioid dependency and addiction utilizing medication assisted treatment

Upon formation of Catalyst Health Solutions (CHS) in 2013, a policy of transparency and community involvement was established and is maintained through outreach activities and collaborating with local education institutions, law enforcement services, area legislatures, and non-profit agencies. Currently, CHS serves the communities in Upper East Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, and Western North Carolina with a team of devoted physicians and healthcare professionals. CHS is a multi-disciplinary practice providing services for opioid dependency and addiction utilizing medication assisted treatment led by a team of Board Certified Addiction Specialists. Supportive services include psychiatry, OB/GYN, individual and group counseling, and social work. It is the mission of CHS to provide exceptional care and resources to each patient to meet individualized goals.

What is Buprenorphine and how does it work? Buprenorphine (Zubsolv, Bunavail, Subutex, Suboxone) has been approved for the treatment of opiate dependency and substance use disorder. Buprenorphine has the ability to both activate and block opiate receptors. Naloxone is added to certain formulations as an abuse deterrent. How does Buprenorphine combat opiate addiction? Opiates attach to receptors in the brain causing euphoria through dopamine release.Similarly, buprenorphine attaches to those same receptors occupied by opiates absent of euphoria or symptoms of withdrawal. How long will I be in treatment? There is not a specified timeframe for treatment. Outpatient treatment for opiate dependency and addiction is based on an individual treatment plan which identifies the severity of one’s disease and establishes recovery goals. The medication treats the physical aspects of the disease. Full recovery requires treatment of the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of the disease which is obtained through counseling and social services, as well as established support systems.

Full recovery requires treatment of the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of the disease

Do I have to stop working to enter treatment? No. We offer extended hours with our providers and services to accommodate work schedules. What are the side effects? Mild side effects that may occur are flushing, headache, nausea, sleeplessness, or drowsiness, but have been reported to subside after the first week or so of treatment. This is not a complete list of all potential side effects. If you have questions about side effects, our providers will further discuss your concerns with you. Is Medication Assisted Treatment replacing one drug for another? No. Buprenorphine is not an opiate substitute and does not provide feelings of getting ‘high’ or extreme euphoria. It is a safe and effective medication for treating opiate dependency and substance use disorder. Research has identified that patients undergoing Buprenorphine treatment do not suffer the same social and behavioral destabilization that correlates in active drug addicts and abusers. Does insurance cover treatment? We currently accept the following insurance providers from Virginia Medicaid: • Aetna Better Health of Virginia • Anthem HealthKeepers Plus • INTotal Health (Inova Health Plan) • Optima Family Care (Sentara) • VA Premier from Health Plan, Inc.

Genesis Analgesia Center, PLLC offers a unique combination of traditional interventional pain medicine treatments along with holistic complementary services. Procedures are performed by David Newman, M.D., a board certified anesthesiologist, in an office based procedure suite to provide quality, convenience, and a tremendous cost savings for our patients compared to hospital or surgery center based practice. No longer will patients have to pay both a facility fee to a hospital or surgical center and then an additional physician’s fee. How we are different

Narcotic addiction, diversion, deaths and over prescribing are rampant problems today. We encourage patients to become as informed as possible. Please check the ProPublica Journalism in the Public Interest web site where you can look up the prescribing history of any medical provider in Tennesse. We envision Genesis Analgesia Center, PLLC as a unique facility in the Knoxville area. Pain, as we know, affects also aspects of life. To effectively relieve pain and suffering requires a caring multidisciplinary approach. Our specialization includes interventional pain management plus an emphasis on medical, nonnarcotic, medication management. We believe in the value of complementary therapies such as massage therapy, physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic, and other mind-body wellness approaches. We diagnose and design treatment plans that are individualized. Successful outcomes require the active participation of both the patient in the medical staff. We listen to our patients, discuss what our goals are and then we decide together the best path to achieve them. We are strong proponents of quality, evidence-based medicine. This allows us to draw on the experiences and results of our peers. Unfortunately, there are severe limitations due to many poorly designed studies and an unwillingness to appreciate the importance of non-quantifiable nature of the human spirit.

We are strong proponents of quality, evidencebased medicine

Despite the fact that one person dies every 19 minutes in the United States due to prescription narcotic overdose, pill mills abound in Tennessee. Genesis Analgesia Center is not registered with the state of Tennessee as a pain management center. Tennessee defines pain management centers as a practice where 51% of patients are prescribed greater than 90 day supply of narcotics. This is the antithesis of our philosophy. Dr. Newman’s preference and the choice that he has made in his career, is to focus on a lower volume, more personal practice model. We are combining this with an office-based procedure suite to provide quality, convenience, and a tremendous cost savings for our patients compared to hospital or surgery center based practice.

Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology David-Newman-MDDr. Newman earned his B.A. degree with high honors from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College Scholars Program. He graduated from St. George’s University School of Medicine and then his internal medicine internship was performed at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Paterson, NJ. He then completed an anesthesiology residency at Seton Hall University’s Postgraduate School of Medicine in 1990. After residency, Dr. Newman obtained his board certification in anesthesiology and practiced for 15 years in the Knoxville area. Since 2005 he has practiced in Williamston, North Carolina, a rural community in eastern North Carolina as chairman of the Department of anesthesia. Dr. Newman is honored to have served as chief of the medical staff at Martin General Hospital from 2008-2013. Dr. Newman is happy to return home to Knoxville with his wife Cindy. Cindy is a Knoxville native, also a graduate of UT Knoxville plus Cindy earned a law degree at UT’s School of Law. They met as undergraduates at the University of Tennessee and have been married since 1984. Experience matters. Dr. Newman has been in practice since 1990 and has performed approximately 10,000 various nerve block procedures. He has been recognized by his peers for his leadership in the medical community and he is proud of the quality initiatives that he has led.

Experience matters

o u b t A

s U

Kane Loveridge Wellness Group is a full-service provider for medical, clinical psychology, mental health services, and psychological assessment and testing services. We value and incorporate all areas of diversity including race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, culture, age, and other diversity factors. We put what’s important to you first.

Counseling Services Kane Loveridge Wellness Group provides psychotherapy services to children 5 years and older, adolescents, and adults for depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, PTSD, substance misuse, grief and loss, adjustment disorders (divorce, job stress, ailing parents, and other life stressors), and many other issues. Psychiatric medication management services are available for new and existing therapy clients.

The services we provide are tailor-made to address whatever issues you are facing.

Some of the therapeutic styles we use at KLWG include psychodynamic, interpersonal, family systems, and cognitive behavioral psychological theories. Treatment plans are individualized for each patient. Medical Services​ • General and Family Medical Care • Walk-in (non-emergency) Urgent Care - Tuesday through Friday from 9am – 6pm • Chronic Care (diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD) • Hormone Replacement Therapy • Medical Weight Loss • Pain Management • Psychiatric Care and medication management Because we believe that you should know up front what your medical services cost, we do not accept insurance for medical appointments . We realize people are often surprised when they receive a large bill from other doctor’s offices when they assumed insurance would cover everything.

We charge a flat fee of $45 for all standard appointments and walkin appointments. There are additional fees for in-office treatments (ex: steroid shot, breathing treatments, etc.), pain and weight management, and hormone replacement therapy. Please call our office for specific fee information. We accept HSA plans that issue a credit card, major credit cards, debit cards, cash, and local checks. We can also provide the necessary documention that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

We value and incorporate all areas of diversity

About Us Serving Woodford, Anderson, Franklin, Garrard and surrounding counties.

Office hours by appointment only. Same and next day appointments available in most cases.

Caring, competent providers with combined experience totaling over 50 years. State licensed and certified.

To provide the best quality care and services to clients in need of alcohol and other drug education and treatment.

Our Mission To encourage and support clients to seek low-risk lifestyles.

To pursue the betterment of community by valuing each individual life.

Services • Required DUI/ADE Classes • Substance Abuse Education • Substance Abuse Treatment • ​Assessments


Holy Cross Services (HCS) is a Catholic organization whose mission is to bring hope, promote change, and help children and adults live free, healthy and productive lives.


To live in a world free of abuse, neglect, trauma and addiction.


Holy Cross Services was founded in 1948 as Boysville of Michigan and has grown from one site to 20 and continues to provide hope and healing to children, adults and their families. HCS is one of the largest private, not-forprofit providers of children and family welfare services as well as behavioral healthcare services in Michigan. Spirituality drives the mission, yet Holy Cross serves all people regardless of religious beliefs, ethnicity or race. All Holy Cross programs and treatment services provide evidence and researched-based therapy and are not religiousbased. Holy Cross does offer spiritual guidance for those who chose it and we believe it does help with overall wellness and healing, yet it is not mandated. HCS touches the lives of approximately 1,500 Michigan people every day who are abused, neglected, traumatized, and/or who suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues. HCS employs about 400 coworkers who are dedicated to providing quality services aimed at helping people to become healthy, whole, and self-sufficient.



We bring hope to the needy and most vulnerable, providing opportunity and quality service to all regardless of age, gender, life-style, cultural or ethnic background, religious beliefs, social or economic status.


We promote change at local, state, and national levels on behalf of children and families, and for the allocation of adequate resources to meet their basic physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social needs.


We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every person, recognizing people’s social relationships to one another and the central role of the family in human life and in society.


We are committed to developing a community of dedicated professionals and to recognizing excellence and innovation in our delivery of client-centered services.


We help people live free, healthy and productive lives by bringing together people who recognize that every interaction is a unique 0pportunity to serve each other, the community and society, as an expression of our identity.

DOCTOR LAS VEGAS Operating with the latest in bio medical research we offer cutting edge technology for all medical services.

HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS Internal medicine,annual physicals,drug addiction treatment,family planning are just some of the services we offer.

TRUSTED HEALTHCARE We stand by our patients in offering exceptional health care to patients and their family’s. Partnering with providers to offer an extensive array of services.


Here at Partida Corona Medical Center in Las Vegas,Nevada, we believe greatness can come from the most humble beginnings. Started in 2005 with my wife as front desk and my newborn as the greeter in an 800 square foot office, our center now encompasses 8,000 square feet, 5 office staff, 2 nurse practitioners and one physician. We offer an extensive list of services that I dare say set us apart from the rest. It is not the diversity of services we offer, however how we approach our patients that truly define us. Offering state of the art healthcare equipment and working with experienced professionals; Partida Corona Medical Center is the catalyst of evolving health services. • All medical services are provided proficiently in English & Spanish. • Expanding the horizons of medical knowlege through biomedical research. • Educating and training staff on up to date technology . • Striving to improve the health status of our community. • Keeping patients infromed of health reports.

“Very kind staff. Doctor and nurse practioner are excellent. Love that they listen to me and my concerns and then we talk about a solution. I highly recommend them,and thank them for their excellent care.” HOW TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE? Living a healthy life is within reach, start today by following a long term commitment and not a temporary solution. Follow the steps below to pave a way to healthy living.





Pa Dr.

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, MD



• Avoid stress and over eating . • Eat Healthy, Partake in a stress reliving hobby such as gardening. • Some relationships can kill you. Avoid them at the most. • Focus on the good things that you like and avoid alcohol & drugs • Eat Healthy,exercise regularly and get 8 hours of sleep daily.

Most of us want similar things in life. We want to be happy, content, and living a life in which we find meaning. In turn, we long for the same for our children, and having balance in our family. Mental health and well being is an important component in achieving the life you desire and living up to your full potential. There are times in which extra support is needed whether that support is in the form of therapy, medications, and or health management strategies; I am here to help you on your journey.

About the Clinic

Balance & Harmony started with a simple premise: Provide individuals and families with the tools and resources needed so that they can have more full, balanced, and happier lives. There are times when medications can be extremely helpful in maintaining an improving your overall mental health, and I am here to help you navigate through your journey to peace, and balance.

I am here to help you on your journey

Harmony Acker PMHNP-BC

15 years ago I began my career in Mental Health. I served in the United States Navy for 12 years. The military provided me with a vast understanding of mental health and individuals. In 2012, I became a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner(Family), working with individuals and families across the lifespan. I have my prescriptive authority and am able to prescribe medications when indicated. I am board certified through the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

I have a strong affinity for treating ADHD, as well as adolescent and young adult depression and anxiety; I welcome all ages and variation of mental health diagnosis. My passion is meeting my clients where they are in life, and helping them move towards the direction and path they desire. I believe that when individuals have to information and resources they need, maneuvering through life’s challenges becomes more manageable. Received distinguished honors when I earned my Master’s Degree from the University of Colorado in 2012. My Undergraduate Degree was earned from Norfolk State University (HBCU) in 2002, and I was commissioned as a Naval Officer upon graduation.

Discover a real, dedicated, effective pain management clinic at Allpria Healthcare

Saving Lives. Changing Lives. If you’ve been frustrated by treatments that don’t relieve your pain, you should take a closer look at Allpria Healthcare. Our pain management doctors have multiple board certifications, including one of the very few pain doctors in Colorado who is triple board-certified in anesthesiology, pain medicine and addiction/ substance abuse medicine. We are one of only a few pain treatment practices in Denver that perform a specialized procedure known as dorsal root ganglion (DRG) spinal stimulation. Fewer than 10% of pain medicine doctors nationwide are trained in this procedure.

We use the most advanced, evidencebased interventional pain management procedures, including injection therapies, nerve blocks, implantable pain devices, neuromodulation, spinal cord stimulator devices and alternatives to opioid medications. Our doctors deliver integrative pain medicine with a heightened awareness of the issues around addiction, particularly opioid addiction. We are totally dedicated to saving people of all ages and walks of life from the ravages of pain. In the process, we hope to change many more lives for the better.

Dr. Tam Nguyen • Board-Certified: American Board of Anesthesiology, American Board of Pain Medicine • Fellowship: Pain Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, CO • Residency: Anesthesiology, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, CO • Internship: Internal Medicine, Saint Joseph Hospital, Denver, CO • MD: University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, CO

When Your Doctor Cares Enough to Help You Overcome Addiction

Have you ever wished you had a doctor who really understood your addiction? Have you tried AA-based addiction programs without success? Most addiction treatment programs are AAbased and spiritual in nature. They are also less than effective for most participants. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction, over 90 percent of U.S. treatment programs currently offer group counseling and referral to AA, but no access to medications or evidencebased behavioral treatments. Almost all residential treatment programs in the United States are based either partially or entirely on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Is there any scientific evidence to support AA as a clinical treatment? Should addiction treatment centers make enormous profits by simply funneling substance abusers into the free fellowship of AA? These questions are addressed in The Business of Recovery - a 2015 documentary film. Like many documentaries, it offers some startling statistics - including this provocative one delivered early in the 81-minute film:

Leading specialists in prescription opioid addiction treatments

It’s extremely rare to find a physician who is boardcertified in addiction medicine and substance abuse. Our medical director, Christopher J. Frandrup, MD, understands that addiction is a medical problem, not a willpower problem. He has successfully helped patients in 86 countries around the world who became addicted to opioid painkillers during military service and many other people with substance addictions. We specialize in prescription opioid dependence and treating the underlying cause. We address both psychological pain and physical pain using evidence-based treatments that include injection therapies, pain pumps, opioid alternatives and advanced pain blockers.

Our doctors recognize that opioid dependence is a chronic disease

“I became the Director of the Alcoholism Treatment Unit at Harvard’s McLean Hospital. I’ve probably treated a couple of thousand people who have one addiction or another. Almost all residential treatment programs in the United States are 12-Step based, so their effectiveness will depend entirely on whether 12-Step programs work and the statistics for AA are not good. It is helpful for 5-10% and that’s a good thing. That’s 5-10% of people who are being helped by A.A. - it’s a lot better than zero percent - but it shouldn’t be thought of as the standard of treatment because it fails for most people -for the vast majority of people.” ~ Lance Dodes, MD - Addiction Expert & Author - Harvard Medical School Graduate, The Business of Recovery

As our patient, you will have ongoing conversations with your doctor as you progress through treatment. In our experience, too many addiction specialists avoid helping you deal with mental health issues that may be feeding your addiction. Too many addiction patients receive fragmented care, not to mention the inconvenience of being bounced from one program or specialist to another without relief. Simply put, we want to change that so you get all the care and compassion you need to return to a healthy, fulfilling life.

Effective solutions for opioid dependence

Physical addiction to prescription painkillers affects far too many people in the United States. It has reached epidemic proportions in recent years as millions of Americans became addicted to common prescription painkillers such as oxycodone, hydrocodone and fentanyl. You might know them by their better-known brand names like OxyContin®, Vicodin® and Percocet®. Heroin is also an opioid. Our doctors recognize that opioid dependence is a chronic disease that can affect anyone, including a friend, coworker, spouse, child, sibling or parent. People struggling with opioid dependence are often reluctant to seek help due to the social stigma of “drug dependence” or the notion that they simply lack self-control or willpower, which is completely false.

Our Mission

We strive to replace “standard of care” with “excellence of care”, utilizing an integration of traditional, holistic, nutraceutical, complementary and osteopathic philosophies and therapies provided by a physician, nurses, and staff who love their God, their patients and their work. We continually study and learn to appreciate the need for unconditional love and the body’s inherent ability to heal.

Dr Setzler was born in Raymondville, TX, and grew up and attended school in Gladewater, TX. He graduated from the University of Houston and attended medical school at the University of North Texas Health Science Center – College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his residency in OB-GYN at Brooke Army Hospital, San Antonio, TX, and during this time had additional training at the University of Texas School of Medicine in San Antonio, TX.

Dr. Setzler is a diplomat in holistic medicine of the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine and is certified in Chelation Therapy by the American College for the Advancement of Medicine. Dr. Setzler is also a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dr. Setzler is a diplomat and board certified in Ob-Gyn by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Osteopathic Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Setzler has lectured on various topics of holistic medicine and alternative medicine in the USA . Dr. Setzler has authored numerous articles in traditional and alternative medicine and has been featured on radio and television advocating and explaining alternative and holistic medicine.

Dr Setzler has dedicated his practice to the principles of holistic medicine and alternative medicine. Among his special interests are Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Prolotherapy (pain management) and Nutritional Medicine and Therapy. Editorial Spreads Editorial Spreads  

This collection of editorials are from a variety of publications created by my team. I have chosen my favorite from 2018 so far. I've done a...