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The Nintendo Wii Motion Plus is a true motion-based controller for the very popular Nintendo Wii video game console. It is fully capable of detecting motion at a ratio of 1:1 which can allow you to get interactively involved with a number of popular games for this home gaming system. What is the Wii Motion Plus? The Wii Motion Plus is a replacement controller which allows you to get interactive with the games you are playing on the console. This controller is not simply a controller as one would imagine it to be, but is capable of detecting your motions and exhibiting them in the actual game. The days of playing golf with a track-ball are finally over because with the Wii Motion Plus you are able to actually swing as if you were physically playing the game. To be completely honest, you are physically playing because with a ratio of 1:1, your motions are transformed into the game where you are able to become part of the virtual world. Does the Wii Motion Plus work on every game? Sorry, it only works with certain games that have been developed with it specifically in mind. When you choose to get one of these controllers, you will not only get the controller, but also some software that will need to be installed on your Nintendo Wii. This software takes the data from the Motion Plus and converts it so that the gaming console understands it just like any other controller. There are still some downfalls associated with this system which requires you to recalibrate the remote from time to time throughout the play of the game, but none the less, when you move the character in the game will follow your movements almost perfectly every single time. Just make sure that you prevent bright lights from interfering with the device's optical sensors. There are many games that have been developed to work with the Nintendo Wii Motion Plus remote; but at the same time there are many others which are not. How does the Wii Motion Plus work? This is simpler then you would expect. You start by plugging in the accessory to your Wii remote and making sure that the software is installed. Then using a combination of the built-in optical sensors along with the motion sensors in the remote, the game console is able to determine your motions and copy them on the screen in a true 1:1 ratio. So if you are playing a game where you have to walk around and slash people with a sword, when you move your hands, the game

character will follow along simultaneously. In the end though, it is the software which has the biggest issues. This leads to problems with the calibration of the Wii Motion Plus. In other word, while you have to calibrate the remote from the very beginning of the game, after a few moments you need to recalibrate it again. This is not all that difficult though because you only need to press the D Pad, but it does get annoying sometimes. You will find though that making use of this motion detecting remote controller, you will be able to enjoy playing the game even more. It will be very interactive and you can turn any lazy afternoon into a physically challenging game of sports in no time at all. Challenge your friends to a game of tennis or even some golf and see who the best player is. You will simply have hours of fun no matter how annoying the recalibration gets.

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==== ==== For more information on Wii Plus Remote Controle please check out; emote%20Control%20-%20Black ==== ====

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