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Even though Nintendo Wii Sports is undoubtedly the most popular Wii game, due to it's being automatically bundled with the system and also just being supremely awesome, the Wii Fit Plus has put on it's gym shorts, stretched its legs, and started its race toward the top. Wii Fit Plus, which also includes the aptly named Balance Board, has outrun its predecessor quite nicely with a new host of mini games and new exercises, and a lot more advice on how to lose all the calories gained from playing sedentary games like Halo and Final Fantasy. So pull out your sweat bands ala 1986, because it's time to get physical. For those of you haven't played, the first time you step on the Balance Board, it calculates your Wii Fit Age based on your weight and balance. It's like the doctor: honest, but with a confidentiality agreement. It won't tell anyone. So once you've got your age, you engage in a variety of sports, from yoga to hula hooping to running and push ups. All the while, you have your personal Wii trainers giving tips and advice like "Go Get 'em, Rocky!" with Eye of the Tiger playing in the background. Or something along those lines. If you're already one of the many people who enjoy Wii Fit already, the upgrade is cheap and totally worth it. The Wii-Fit Plus is really what the title entails; it's the Wii Fit PLUS a lot of extras. Everything from Wii Fit has been repackaged and boosted to maximum performance. Some of these new additions include rhythm kung fu, which I have personally been wishing for since Tekken 6 came out, more yoga exercises to contort yourself in, and the handy dandy calorie counter. Bird's-Eye Bulls-Eye is the only one truly cringeworthy game which requires throwing away any shred of dignity, but here's the secret: it is still crazy fun. Once you've bought the Wii Plus Balance Board you can use it for balance board compatible games : Mario and Sonic - At The Olympic Winter Games My Fitness Coach Cardio Workout Shaun White Snowboarding These are just a few of the ever growing games to use the board. In the end, Nintendo has done it again, a game that gets us gamers off the couch and onto the Balance Board, so we can spout of Mario and Sonic cheats and run a marathon at the same time. I mean, if you really wanted to. Maybe I'll just stick with the Wii Fit Plus.

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==== ==== For more information on Wii Fit Plus please check out; s%20%28Wii%29 ==== ====


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