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Wii Fit Plus is Nintendo's answer to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle we all spend, nowadays -a video game devised to increase your fitness! A Wii Balance Board can come as part of the package. The Balance Board has sensors to determine your weight distribution and balance. If you are a newbie user, the Balance Board will use your weight and balance to compute your Fit Age. Once you've got this information, you can start off on your customized exercise regimen that could include push ups, and running, among other routines. If you are upgrading from the Wii Fit Plus's predecessor, you would want to know if Nintendo has made any changes. You can motivate yourself by keeping count of your calories, using the all-new calorie burning counter, while opting for routines to suit your specific goals and spare time. Several new strength building exercises, and balance games, along with yoga routines, are all tangible improvements over this game system's forebear. In fact, adding to the choices offered by its forebear, Wii Fit Plus has a "Training Plus" menu of 15 all-new balance and aerobics games, apart from a half dozen yoga and strength training options. The yoga routines include Spine Extension, Gate and Grounded V, while the Strength Training options are Balance Bridge, Single-Leg Extension and Side Lunge. Game routines such as Table Tilt Plus, Balance Bubble Plus and Basic Run Plus are like old wine in new bottles, as versions of these exist in the game's forebear. However, there are many new games to make you go that extra mile toward top fitness, without your ever realizing it. For instance, in Bird's Eye Bull's Eye, you will need to move chicken style from one numbered platform to another. As the name indicates, Segway Circuit is a driving range; you race around a circuit, on your Balance Board. In Island Cycling, the faster you run, the faster your bicycle, on the console, goes. In Tilt City, a coordination exercise, you have to tilt various platforms so as to be able to guide colored balls to different destinations. Perfect 10, Island Cycling, Rhythm Kung-Fu, Obstacle Course, Rhythm Parade, Big Top Juggling, Skateboard Arena, Rhythm Kung Fu, and Snowball Fight are some more instances, among a host of new routines, all aimed at improving your cardio fitness, while increasing strength, and helping lose weight. For those who don't know how to devise their own customized exercise routine, or are too lazy to do so, the package comes equipped with standard workouts. So, whether you are looking for stronger arms or a toned stomach, you'll find it all here. Go hula hooping, tight rope walking and slalom skiing, all in the privacy of your home! There is delicious irony in the fact that playing video games is probably the primary reason for your

sedentary lifestyle, in the first place. The promise this video game system holds out is akin to saying, "Eat all you want, and get thin." Except that Wii Fit Plus actually works...

Manufacturers, again this Christmas season, are advertising products and then not supplying stores with enough items to meet the demand. The Wii Fit Plus fitness video game may be one of those items. -- To find out how you can get hard-to-find or out-of-stock items at retail at Amazon, click on this link: Wii Fit Plus. (Disclosure: Compensated Affiliate)

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==== ==== For more information on Wii Fit Plus please check out; s%20%28Wii%29 ==== ====


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