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Putting your dogs on wheels can enhance the quality of life of your pet if they have a condition that keeps them from using their hind or front legs. There are wheel chairs for dogs, also known as dog carts, which are particularly designed to give a new found mobility to quadriplegic pets. Your dog can make a very good use of carts for dogs if they have exhausted rehabilitation options and suffer from degenerative mylopathy, hip dysplasisa, spinal or vertebrae problems, cervical or disk disease, as well as certain neurological problems. If you want to put your dogs on wheels, there are a few things that you have to know about wheel chairs for dogs. Actually, a dog wheel chair has four vital components - a light weight frame, the wheels, the harness, and its support saddle. Aside from that, there are some dog carts that include other features such as stirrups and counterweights that will be a great help for dogs who have lost a limb to maintain its balance. You can have the wheel chair for your little buddy custom made in order to meet your pet's specific needs as far as measurements and health conditions are concerned. But if you want, you can also buy ready made and adjustable carts for dogs that will fit to a particular dog of a certain size group. The regular prices of dog wheel chairs range between $200 and $600, depending on the type of chair that you buy and the features that your pet will need. The type of wheel chair that you will buy will also depend on the advice of your veterinarian or the veterinary orthopedic surgeon who will evaluate your pet's specific needs and design requirements. According to studies, most dogs easily adapt to their new mobility equipment in just a few days. But in some cases, it could take a little longer, and some training and rehabilitation might be needed in order to help your dog adjust completely to his new aid. However, a dog wheel chair might not suited to a pet that does not have enough strength left in his functioning legs and neither is it advisable for pets who are difficult or has a stubborn temperament.

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==== ==== For more information on Light Weigt Wheelchairs please check out; ==== ====

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