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To understand what local mobile marketing is, start by asking yourself a few questions. How often are you away from your phone? How much time do you spend using it, not just to get in contact with other people, but to find things out on the move? When you are out and about, have you ever used it to look up the way to a local shop specialising in what you want? Even if you're something of a technophobe, you will probably recognise that, for the majority of people these days, their mobile phones have become much more than simply a means of phoning and texting friends. They are a window to the sort of digital world that might once have required someone to be near their home computer, as well as a way of getting information on the move. As such, they are also an incredibly important way in which you can promote your business. You probably already have a well optimised website, and may have experimented with other forms of online marketing. If so, you will have come across two slight problems. Firstly, web-marketing is not local enough for many businesses, and secondly, it is effectively exploited by many of your largest competitors. Those two issues can be significant ones for any small business. Instead of competing with similar businesses in your town or region, you are suddenly pitted against companies from across the world, many of them with large online marketing budgets. Even when you do succeed in making an impact online, its effects often only benefit your online business, since customers in your local area are not guaranteed to see it. That is where approaches centred on mobile users come into their own. They avoid the problems created by global competition, because people searching for businesses by using a map service on their phones are specifically looking for local options. They also represent a new enough approach to promotion that not all of your competitors will have cottoned on yet, allowing you to concentrate your efforts in a less saturated field. You might be asking yourself at this point why you shouldn't just use more traditional local approaches to marketing, such as posters, billboards, advertising in local media or focussed mail campaigns. Those can all be valid techniques in their place, but they all share the same flaw. They aren't permanent. They won't still be having an effect this time next year, because they won't still be in place at that point. Your entry on Google maps will, and it will be leading potential customers right to your door. So, what is local mobile marketing? At its most fundamental, it is a set of promotional techniques designed to create interest in your business through portable internet devices. More than that, however, it is a vital way of getting attention on a local level, without sacrificing the sort of benefits that you would normally see from your internet efforts. That combination should make it a vital

component of the promotional techniques you use.

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==== ==== For more information on Local Mobile Marketing please check out; ==== ====


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