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If you are about to give a speech, most people will generally get nervous and scared at the thought. So what you need are some tips for public speaking, to make the task more enjoyable. The number one key to successful public speaking is confidence. Once you have mastered the element of confidence you are well on your way to a less stressful life, giving speeches. In order to build your confidence, the first tip in public speaking is to know your topic. Having a good handle on your chosen topic makes a world of difference in the delivery of your speech. You will notice many times that a person who delivers a good speech in front of a crowd, usually is an expert on that topic or has rehearsed the speech many times. That leads to the second tip. Practice giving your speech before hand to friend or in front of a mirror or maybe at the place the speech will be given. The old saying "Practice makes perfect" is so true in speech giving. Plus rehearsing your speech, gives you the opportunity to master difficult words to pronounce. Next tip is to be relaxed, I know saying to be relaxed is a lot more difficult than actually doing it. But learn ways to relax. For example if your on a stage, then maybe walking around the stage as you talk, will make you more relaxed. If your stuck behind a podium, then pretend that it's a shield that lets you put down your guard. The though of having something between you and the audience many times will relax a person and give them a comfort zone.

Once again, the key points are relaxation and confidence. I remember when I started speaking in public, It took some time to gain my confidence, but the big improvement to my confidence was a book I found on the internet. [] This Book was a tremendous help in gaining my confidence faster and improving my overall speech giving talents. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs help in giving public speeches. The Author of this book has helped many people get over the hurdle to becoming great speech givers. Another resource for improving your public speaking is by clicking this link Tips for Public Speaking and reviewing the material available there. Once again, remember the three keys points: Practice, Relax and be Confident, and you will soon become a successful public speaker.

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==== ==== For more information on Tips On Public Speaking please check out; ==== ====

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