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Speaking in front of crowds is a critical skill. It creates job security by making you an invaluable employee, it helps you gain respect and recognition from your peers and superiors, and at social gatherings the ability to give a moving speech allows people to see you in a shining light. The advice I am going to give you today will help you learn the art of giving an effective presentation or speech. First: Write out your speech. Even if you don't have the speech near you when your speak or have it memorized, having written it before will allow you to remember the main speaking points. Second: This tip is for when using a visual aid like a powerpoint. Put critical information on the slides. Do not put information that will help you remember what to speak about, put exactly the main point you are conveying is so that even if the audience misses a sentence or two they can still follow along. Third: Dress to impress. This is important. Being well dressed gives you confidence and that confidence will exude to the audience and they will be more engaged. Fourth: Before going to out to speak take a deep breath and think over the main points of your presentation. This relaxes you and gives you confidence. The audience can tell if you're uptight or relaxed. If you're relaxed they respond more receptively. Also, going over the main points before going in front of the crowd gives you confidence because you know what you are going to say. Fifth: Once you begin your speech, move to the center of the stage then slowly as you continue speaking begin moving around the stage. Being in the center shows the audience your confidence and it engages them more so that they will be more receptive to what you say. As you move speak loud enough for everyone to hear and speak clearly and deliberately. Sixth: As you conclude go back over the main ideas and summarize them. This way the main topics of the speech are fresh in the audience's head and the presentation ends on a positive note. These are just the fundamentals of effective public speaking and presentations. There are many more nuances to learn in order to master the art of public speaking.

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==== ==== For more information on Effective Public Speaking please check out; ==== ====

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