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Keeping your speech or presentation interesting can sometimes be a challenge. You want an interesting speech that will be remembered for the right reasons and not for the giving a speech that sent the audience to sleep. Think about incorporating movement into your speech in the following areas.   Move Your Body If you stand still and don't move you can lose your audience's attention. Instead try to think of your body as energized and enthusiastic about your speech. Move your arms, hands and walk a little if possible. Do not however over do this or indeed any of the other movements that I discuss. If you do then such movements can very easily become a distraction. What you are aiming for is to show your audience that you are alive, enthusiastic and interesting. Move Your Topic If you talk for too long about the same topic your audience will begin to doze off. Similarly if you make a point and then keep going back over the same point you will soon bore your audience. If your audience gets the point that you are making move on to the next one as quickly as possible. Keep your speech interesting by moving from one topic to the next.   Move Your Voice A slow monotonous voice is enough to drive your audience mad! Videotaping your performance is a great way to show you not only the way you look overall but also for you to hear your voice. Try to keep your voice interesting by changing the intonation and emphasize different words.

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==== ==== For more information on Public Speaking Techniques please check out; ==== ====

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