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Public Speaking Skill? Do you need more Public Speaking Skill? This article will give you not just one Public Speaking Skill, but five! Apply all five of these Skills and have fun becoming an awesome public speaker! Public Speaking Skill - Tip #1 - Be Open to Learn When it comes to public speaking, you will want to do everything you can to learn how to do it correctly. You will need to make sure that you take the necessary time to learn how to properly approach public speaking. Public speaking is like a lot of things in life, it's learned. Oh sure, there are people who are "naturals", but for the rest of us, we can learn! We all know that for anyone who would like to get a job that uses leadership qualities, you will need to learn how to become a successful public speaker. You will find that once you overcome any fear that you may have about public speaking, you'll feel a lot better about yourself and your work. The first step is being open to learn. Public Speaking Skill - Tip #2 - Allow the Fear to Be Your Friend There are many people who will feel that nervous butterfly in their stomach every time they have to get up and give a speech. This is totally normal and it is only natural for a person to be slightly nervous. The key is to use this nervousness as a means to prepare yourself for your speech. If you know that you will be nervous, convince yourself that it is a good thing, that it can be used to help you focus. You should never allow the nervousness to stop you from seeing yourself as a success. Public Speaking Skill - Tip #3 - Know Your Venue One important aspect of successful public speaking is that you need to know the room or venue in which you will speak. You will want to get there early and familiarize yourself with your surroundings. There is nothing worst than getting to a venue late and having to step right up to the podium to deliver a speech. When you get there early, be sure to find some focus points that you can refer to when giving the speech. This will allow you to calm down when you feel that nervous feeling creeping up into your throat. Public Speaking Skill - Tip #4 - Know Your Audience Secondly, you will want to know your audience. You will want to know what type of people you are speaking to so that you can adjust the speech for their understanding. For kids you won't want to use words they just don't understand, and you will want to make things sound more exciting and complicated for adults.

Public Speaking Skill - Tip #5 - Know Your Material As you step up to deliver your speech, it will become immediately apparent, whether or not you know your material. You will find that your nervous feelings will disappear quickly, when you really know what you are talking about. Be prepared! Spend time rehearsing your speech, preferably in front of a mirror or someone else. Pour over your notes, just prior to delivering your speech, to ensure that you remember all of your "talking points". These five public speaking tips can help you become the public speaker that you have always wanted to become. If you are open to learning and you allow your nervousness to help prepare you, while knowing your venue, audience and material, you'll soon be on your way!

Public speaking can be fun! You can get over your fears and become an excellent, dynamic public speaker. To find out how YOU can grow as a public speaker AND to receive the report "Advanced Public Speaking Strategies" for FREE, go to

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