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The public speaking industry has no doubt grown in the past few years. With the success of movies like "The Secret", and speakers like Anthony Robbins, more people are hoping to get into this exciting career. With the growth of aspiring speakers comes the growth of the public speaking coaches and training courses. There's no shortage of seminars and online courses aimed at teaching students the finer points of presentations. The majority of these training courses involve skills such as organizing presentation material, or conquering your fear of speaking in front of large groups. One aspect of giving presentations that is often overlooked by public speaking courses is the audiovisual element. Most presentations these days involve some sort of audiovisual equipment. This could be anything from microphones to projectors. Typically, these types of things are just considered secondary visual aids, and not an essential part of the presentation. But there's no doubt that these audiovisual elements can play a very critical role in how effective your presentation is, no matter what the subject. The problem with teaching these audiovisual elements is that speaking coaches don't really know that much about it. Of course they are familiar with proper microphone technique, or how to put together powerpoint slides. They may even go over some tips on these matters during their course, but the fact is that they may not have the knowledge to truly educate on the matter. If you're a public speaker, or are thinking about pursuing a career in this field, it's important that you understand ALL elements that make up a great presentation. Don't neglect the things that will make you stand out among the competition. Paying attention to proper audiovisual technique could be just the thing that gives your career that needed boost.

T.R. Hill is an audiovisual technician and public speaking consultant. He writes extensively about issues relating to public speaking and presentation skills. For more information about the audiovisual aspects of public speaking, check out [].

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==== ==== For more information on Online Public Speaking Course please check out; ==== ====

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