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When we're in a position where we have to present publicly no one can come up with a public speaking anxiety fix other than ourselves. If you suffer from public speaking anxiety, fixed the situation by making sure before you go into the speaking event you have used tools that will help you calm down. There is something you can use which is called self-hypnosis to calm yourself down before you go into an event. Self-hypnosis is not the type of thing that you see in Las Vegas or when watching cable TV where someone starts squawking like a chicken. It is a state of mind and a process that you go through to reach your subconscious and defuse the fear. There are many different tools you can use to learn how to do self-hypnosis before your next public speaking event. Another tool you can use is meditation. Meditation has become more popular in today's world to combat stressors. It is a process of relaxing body and mind and the relaxation carries over as a public speaking anxiety fix. If you're able to meditate for as little as five minutes before you go on stage you may be able to find the relaxation point that allows you to deliver your presentation with the confidence you've always wanted. Meditation is used for many different things such as lowering blood pressure and during things like writer's block. We've all meditated in some form of another even if we didn't know it. Closing your eyes to think about a subject before you focus on it is a form of meditation and a great speaking anxiety fix if you've got to deliver a speech or lecture. Yoga has also become a great stress reliever and public speaking anxiety fix. Many people today do yoga for physical fitness, but yoga always been an art form that is used for meditation in order to clear your mind. Yoga is about body and mind and it is one of the best public speaking anxiety fixes you can rely on. Of course you can not do yoga in the middle of a business meeting but if you do yoga in the morning before you leave for your meeting it can carry through the day and make you feel confident and clearheaded, which is one of the keys to delivering a quality public address. Whatever tool you use-whether it is self-hypnosis, meditation or yoga you need to find a mechanism to use it as a public speaking anxiety fix so you're fears wane and your delivery can be perfect.

Finding a public speaking anxiety fix is what this lens is all about. Having had to deliver speeches in my various senior roles with companies and while owning my own business I can attest to that terrible stage fright feeling that people experience. The anxiety of speaking in public is not limited to speeches to large groups. It can be debilitating when simply delivering a stand up message to a small group of colleagues.

I still have a need to fix my anxiety before I go on, so if you are like I am and have a need for a public speaking anxiety fix, please follow me at or check out my great tool that will help fix your fear and anxiety over public speaking []

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==== ==== For more information on Public Speaking Anxiety please check out; ==== ====

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