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Are you checking out the market for new or antique tea carts? It is an indispensable item to hold tea party accoutrements for the hostess of a tea party. It allows you to have everything in one place and be able to serve all your guests with ease. Drinks, food, tea service and even linens can be on the cart ready to hand to your guests as you help them to tea. When not in use for a party, your cart can be used for displaying your teapot collection, favorite tea cups, or even pictures of the family. Never owned one before? There are some things you may want to consider when trying to decide on a new or antique one, and whether to buy a tea cart in person or if it's something you would be comfortable buying online. First off, if you are looking for one in retail stores, antique stores, flea markets, or yard sales, you have the benefit of seeing it, knowing if it is sturdy or rickety, smooth rolling or screechy. In general, you can see how it feels first hand when it is pushed, the spacing of the shelves, the height of the handle ~ how comfortable it feels. When you are looking online, the greatest benefit you have is the variety ~ wooden, bamboo, wicker, brass, wrought iron, new, used, antique and even child size ones! So many to choose from, no driving from store to store, town to town. (Can you tell I hate shopping?) All are at the tips of your fingers. Just be sure you ask questions of the seller before you buy, if you end up finding one you love online. Things to consider when buying a tea cart either online or from a physical location can include:

Style - think of your decor, will it blend nicely? Size - where will it be kept? Is it sufficient for your tea service? Wheels - will they allow ease of use outside for a garden tea party? Will they go over interior thresholds easily? Shelves - are they spaced well enough to easily remove tea trays, glassware or silverware? Finish - is it easy to care for? Will it take special polishing?

Your tea cart, whether new or antique, will be an addition of beauty and functionality for everyday use and for those wonderful tea parties you plan on hostessing.

Sheila is the webmaster for Over the years, she became frustrated in the effort to find all the information on how to hostess a proper tea party in one spot, so she decided to compile as much a she can into one convenient site. Visit her at Tea Party Guide for information on etiquette, book club tea parties, and tea party menus. Article resource: (c) Copyright- Sheila Kosmicki - All rights reserved worldwide

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