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The graphing calculator simply said is a graphing program. The program graphs functions, relations, implicit and explicit, parametric and "straight," in two and three dimensions. A good graphing calculator knows a wide array of mathematical functions already, including all the trig functions. You communicate to the calculator symbolically in equations and formulas. Example: Y=mx + b instead of just y= 3x-1. You can even make parameters into sliders and drag to change values. The most fully functional commercial released Graphing Calculator is on both Macintosh and on Windows it is the 3.2 version. One way of learning how to use a good graphic calculator is just by messing around with one of the versions offered on the internet by either Macintosh or Windows. When you have a specific job to do you can read manuals and learn how to use the online graphic calculator. One of the best methods is to simply go online and read the online help notes, read the demos and playing with the examples. This of course is for the novice who has already graduated from college without taking courses on the use of the graphic calculator. Those who have had training it is very easy for them to use the online methods. We suggest that you go online and try to mess around with the graphic calculator practicing with the demos. Use the graphic calculator to do mock projects before you begin to use it for your own project. You should note that many times errors can be made but with enough practice and reading the demos it usually will not take long before you can become proficient enough to use the online version for your projects.

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==== ==== For more information on Graphic Calculator please check out; ==== ====