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Are you spending your time worrying about how you'll pay for the next bottle of insulin? Are you barely scraping together enough to get your syringes and test strips, let alone your medicine? Well, it's about time you look at getting some individual health insurance. A plan that will protect you from some of the side-affects of your condition worsening, like bigger bills. You don't need a job with the penthouse office and your very own parking space to get quality health coverage. Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing conditions in the United States, more people being diagnosed every day. It's both devastating and terrifying, especially if you don't think you can afford all of the necessary supplies and medications. But going to the doctor and getting your insulin is essential. Getting a good doctor, a good provider is complicated at times, but it's important. I know, I know, if you're having a hard enough time paying for your medicine, how could you possibly afford insurance? Especially insurance that covers your condition? But diabetes worsens the longer it goes without being taken care of properly, and if you're too worried about paying the bills, and how much will this-this-and-this cost, will you really be able to take care of yourself? It's never too late, or too early to get good health insurance. But the sooner you get it, the safer you, your pocket, and your health will be. The best time to get affordable health insurance is right now! A lot of the propaganda you hear, from people around you to those soap operas you just love so much,Ă‚ talks and jokes about how low cost health insurance won't do anything if you get sick, and if you're already sick that you can't get any at all. That's not true. Yes, it's a little more expensive to get coverage for pre-existing conditions, but is it really more expensive than if you passed out from a high blood sugar, someone called an ambulance, and you woke up in a hospital room, being fed medicine through an iv with your spouse passed out in the chair beside your bed. You'd have the ambulance fees, the cost of the medicine, the room, the doctors, the diagnosis, and the fear and anxiety not knowing if you could afford to get good treatment for something like this. In the long run, and the short run, it's better to get protected now. Do your research - take a little bit of time to find some inexpensive health insurance that covers as much as possible, especially any pre-existing conditions. Or, find coverage that covers everything except pre-existing conditions. Get quotes from a few different places, see what you think. Getting a quote doesn't cost you anything, and if you don't like what you're hearing, don't go with it. It's your choice. Maybe you're thinking "I'm getting that new promotion in June, and that's got health benefits with it. I can wait till then." But getting sick isn't going to wait for that promotion, and truthfully, most of

the mediocre health benefits from work don't really cover much, and definitely don't cover any preexisting conditions. You'd probably also have to take out an additional policy because the policy from work doesn't cover that cold you get every September. And if you get really sick, poof, there goes your job and your health coverage, and where does that leave you? Sick and scrambling to make ends meet. Don't wait till your world crashes down around you - when you get sick, or find out that you can't pay all those hospital bills on your own - you won't need to worry. You can focus on the important things. So find a provider that meets your needs - get a real policy that covers what you need, for a price you can actually afford. Looking for inexpensive health insurance can be time consuming and stressful. So I spent a large amount of time looking over all of those "Search Engines" from all sizes and shapes of insurance companies in order to make this process easier. My company helps you find the perfect fit for your needs by comparing quotes and plans from a large assortment of companies, and the best part? That's for free! It will help you save money, get the coverage you need, and you won't have to worry about how much it will cost you each time you check your blood sugar. So don't wait until it's too late: protect yourself today, so that your tomorrow is safe.

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