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Got a problem with clothes moths? Between spring and autumn is the major breeding time for moths and a small moth problem can quickly turn into a major infestation. Thousands of homes are infested by moths each year and these unwanted visitors can be a nightmare to get rid of. Many people turn to old fashioned products like moth balls but these actually contain some very harmful chemicals - plus they smell disgusting! Moths eat the fibres of your clothes and especially love wools and cashmere. If you are finding holes in your clothes it is very likely that you have a moth problem. There are many ways to rectify this. A moth trap can help identify the severity of your moth problem. The sticky adhesive pads attract male moths with female moth pheromones; the males are lured in and trapped in a sticky type of glue. If your moth trap fills up within the first one to two weeks then your moth problem is pretty severe and you will need to do a complete clean out of your wardrobe - or else these pesky moths will keep breeding... and they can lay a lot of eggs in a small amount of time! Moth traps can be really effective as they break the breeding cycle of the moths; this therefore helps eliminate your moth problem by stopping new moths being born. Moths only have a threemonth life cycle, so the moths soon die out. A complete clean out means removing everything from your wardrobe and washing it all to ensure no moth larvae is in your belongings, eating away at your favourite items of clothing! If you have to dry clean garments, do it! You will also need to give your wardrobe a wash down with soapy water and thoroughly clean your room, hoover carpets, wash curtains etc. Once all of this is done, you can put all your clean clothes back in drawers and wardrobes but ensure you protect your clothes with anti moth products to ensure that you don't get another moth infestation. Each season you should wash all you're out of season clothes and pack them away to create more space in your wardrobe and ensure you don't provide a breeding ground for clothes moths. Never put worn clothes back into the wardrobe as it's the skin and hair cells that sit in the proteins of the fabric that these pesky creatures feed off!

This article was written by Andrea Crome, Ecommerce and Marketing Manager at Total Wardrobe Care. Total Wardrobe care specialise in natural moth repellent products, wardrobe storage ideas and clothing care solutions.

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Infestations are one of the most disturbing phenomena which can afflict a home owner, although some types are considerably worse than others...

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