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Are you thinking of joining the Apple iPod bandwagon? While there are definitely a lot of models of MP3 players being scattered in the market these days, not one brand can still topple over the Apple iPod from its top place as the best and most sellable brand of MP3 players today. Aside from its iconic status, the Apple iPod has also gained a good reputation for its quality, not just for being able to last long but as well as for the quality of sound and video viewing that it produces. Year after year, fans of the Apple iPod wait with bated breath for the release of the latest model of Apple iPods and never have they been left disappointed. Even with all the various updates on the features of the Apple iPods, it has fortunately become more affordable than ever with prices starting as low as a little over $50. To help give you a better understanding when it comes to the different types of Apple iPods are there in the market today, here is a short guide that you can check out. Apple iPod Shuffle: one of the tiniest MP3 player models around, the Apple iPod shuffle is Apple's cheapest MP3 player. With a price tag of a little over $50, Apple fans can have a taste of having their own Apple iPod in spite of its limited features. Do take note that as the name suggests, the Apple iPod Shuffle plays songs on random. It also does not have a screen so you would not know which song you are listening to unless you already know your play list by heart. But its clip-on feature comes in very handy for gym enthusiasts as they can easily clip their Apple iPod shuffle onto their gym clothes and work out with such ease. Apple iPod Nano Video: the sleek Apple iPod Nano of a few years back has now gotten its much deserved makeover. With either 4 gig or 8 gig of memory, the Apple iPod Nano Video, now comes with a bigger and colored screen for you to watch your favorite movies or video clips with ease. It also comes no bigger than your palm, so for those who are leaning towards buying this should be extra careful. To avoid getting hairline scratches on it, buy a silicone or a crystal case cover for it. Apple iPod Classic Video: is probably the most practical choice when it comes to buying an Apple iPod. With a whopping internal memory of 80 gig, the Apple iPod Classic Video certainly is one step ahead of its competition as it enables its users to store so much photos, songs, videos, and data files into something that easily fits in their palm. With a price tag of a little over $200, it definitely is a good deal. To make better use of it, do remember to check out even the Creative Lab iPod speaker docks so you will be able to listen to you files even without having to wear the headphones all the time.

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==== ==== For more information on Apple Ipod please check out; ==== ====


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