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Garlic is often used as an ear infection home remedy. It is applied in different forms, yet yields the same results. Garlic has its place in the natural healing world for several different medicinal uses. It is seen as a natural antibiotic. Garlic is used as an ear infection home cure in both adults and kids. It can be used in various forms, and depending in which form it is supplied, the treatment will be different. Here are some ways in which it is used: • Garlic oil • Garlic water • Garlic inserted in the ear Garlic is highly favored amongst parents as an ear infection home cure for their kids due to the fact that kids do not like taking medicine. It allows parents to administer medicine indirectly to their child, without having the inconvenience to go to a doctor. However it must be stressed that in all cases, a visit to your medical practitioner is advisable as the first course of action. When garlic oil is used as an ear infection home cure, it can be made in many ways. For example you can take a garlic oil capsule purchased ant any convenience store and pierce it. You can then allow the oil to drip in to the ear, and place a cotton ball n the ear to help retain the oil within the ear. Another way that garlic oil is used as an ear infection home cure is by making your own homemade garlic oil. Simply infuse fresh garlic in olive oil, allowing the oil to absorb some of the medical qualities of garlic in to the oil itself. When it is prepared this way, place some of the warm oil in to the affected ear and then place a cotton ball to cover. Additionally you can actually use the garlic oil as an ointment and rub gently around the ear, as opposed to dripping some inside it. Garlic water is another way of using garlic to help you solve your infection. Skin several cloves of garlic with a sharp knife, and then juice. You do not want to have any solids left behind, only juice. Drain if necessary to remove the solids and then dilute with water, two parts water to one part garlic juice. Place a tiny amount of this liquid is placed in the ear, while the head is tilted to the side. After this becomes intolerable, the head is then tilted to let the garlic water drain out of the ear. Last but not least, another way garlic is used as an ear infection home cure is a clove of garlic

inserted in to the ear. A tiny clove of garlic with the skins removed and that can fit gently in to the ear canal is selected, and wrapped in soft medical grade gauze and inserted in to the ear canal. The garlic clove is usually put in at bed time and removed in the morning. These are a number of the ways that garlic is used as an ear infection home remedy.

Whilst an earache home remedy may be tempting, please don't forget to go to the medical professionals for a full consultancy. Ear doctors are fully qualified to tackle all types of circumstances, and will hopefully be able to supply you with sound earache remedies to alleviate you from your pain.

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