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Cappadocia is a fascinating area in Turkey. Cappadocia is located centrally in Turkey, in the Anatolia region. Cappadocia is a part of Turkey known for its exceptionally interesting and unusual landscape. It is also an area with a fascinating history and wealth of sights. Cappadocia is one of Turkey's main tourist attractions so it is likely that you will have seen it on a promotional television ads or featured in a brochure at some point. Cappadocia is known for its strange pink, yellow and grey rock formations which dominate the landscape. The origins of the unusual other worldly landscape are a result of eroded weather beaten lava remains. Amazingly, many of these unusual rock formations have been hollowed out to offer shelter and housing. Some even date back to 4000 BC. Many of these unusual dwellings date back to over 1000 years old and were used by monks and Christians to escape persecution. Many have been used by different groups over the ages. Some of these formations are described as 'fairy chimneys' whereas others look more phallic in nature. Also in the area are a number of underground cities where people historically have sought refuge from outside threats. To explore Cappadocia it is possible to book on one of the many bus tours available to tour the area. Some though prefer to hire a car and have more flexibility and choice over their itinerary. Take note though that many of the sights in Cappadocia are poorly signposted so you may need to hire your own guide to get the most out of a visit to Goreme open air museum for example of one of the underground cities. The main towns in Cappadocia are: Goreme is probably the most centrally located town for exploring Cappadocia and the most typically Cappadocian. Goreme is well located for visiting the Goreme Open air museum and is characterised by being surrounded by a number of unusual rock formations. Urgup, has a high class reputation but little evidence of this in practice. There are a number of interesting touristy shops and a couple of attractive restaurants but Urgup lacks the atmosphere of nearby Goreme. Uchisar is renowned for its amazing castle. Enjoy climbing to the top of this castle and take in magnificent views of Cappadocia. Don't miss Pigeon valley on the approach to Uchisar, it is simply amazing. Take care with dogs and children though, don't go too near to the edge, there are dramatic falls and no barriers. Pasabagi is not really a town but it deserves a mention as this is probably one of the most unspoilt parts of Cappadocia where you can walk amongst fairy chimneys and enjoy rambling. Pasabagi, also known as Monk's valley, is not yet a typical tourist spot so enjoy it whilst you can.

The main airport for Cappadocia is in the city of Kayseri. Kayseri is a modern city with interesting city walls but has little else to recommend it. The bazaar is really for locals and shopping opportunities for tourists in Kayseri are extremely limited. Stick to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul if you are lucky enough to go there. What to do in Cappadocia Walks: Walking in Cappadocia is very popular and some people visit the area specifically for a walking holiday. Many of the historical sites of interest cover quite large areas so Cappadocia is ideal if you enjoy trekking. To get the most out of any visit to Cappadocia you will have to do a considerable amount of walking. It will obviously help if you are of good fitness and a walking pole and good walking boots are recommended for exploring Cappadocia safely. Take a Balloon flight: Hot air balloon flights are popular in Cappadocia. The landscape is so interesting and unusual that Cappadocia has to be one of the best places in the world to enjoy a hot air balloon flight. There are a large number of balloon companies offering balloon flights in this part of Turkey and some mornings there are probably over 30 balloons over the Cappadocian landscape. Some recommend that it is best to only book with those companies with strong safety records where they only take one trip a day, early in the morning. Most balloons take off around dawn so be prepared to get up early and wrap up warm. Once you are up, up and away though, the early start should definitely be worth it. Other attractions that you can enjoy in Cappadocia include many typically Turkish attractions including: - Turkish baths. Most of the towns in the touristy areas of Turkey have a Turkish bath where you can enjoy being bathed and scrubbed. You may even wish to have a massage. Take note though that massages in Turkey are often much more vigorous than those you may have had in the West. You have been warned! - Carpet weaving centres. If you are after a rug you may wish to visit one of the carpet weaving centres. Cappadocia is a popular area with tourists and therefore you can find a number of carpet weaving centres in the area. Be prepared some of these places go for the hard sell so it's probably only best to visit any of these if you won't succumb to or feel harassed by aggressive sales tactics.

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To explore Cappadocia it is possible to book on one of the many bus tours available to tour the area. Some though prefer to hire a car and h...

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