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Is Psychic Power for everyone? I think this is a good question, but, owing to the wide range of paranormal powers and their potential derivation from different sources, the question probably needs to be broken down. Even if Psychic Power exists, is it something to be sought directly? Some Yogis, for example, refer to a Psychic Power like Levitation or Telepathy as a "Siddhi" or "special power), a natural consequence of high meditative practice, but nothing to be sought for its own sake. Some quote Jesus' saying, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else will be granted to you." One possible interpretation of this saying is that one should practice the prayer of union (see the article on prayer) and not seek special powers in themselves. Other cultures, as diverse as Wicca or the Remote Viewing Community, or professional parapsychologists, regard Psychic Power as somehow inherent in one's nature and often obtained quite naturally. They might point out that Psychic Power is a gift that often arrives uninvited altogether so why not seek it out and cultivate it. In fact, to those communities, Psychic Power really belongs to everyone from the moment it is born. It is very normal in a child unless society represses it. There is no secret to it, unless society represses it. The German poet, Goethe, called it "the Open Secret." It's there. You just have to latch onto it. In some communities, like ours, you can study it with psychics and mediums. In others, it might be a Medicine Man or an oracle. I think it may be safe to say that objects of Psychic Power, including the world of ghosts and people who have passed on, reside in other dimension contiguous but different than this. Some people like the famous medium Eileen Garrett who wrote extensively about her experience with Psychic Power, seem to have a more natural sensitivity to these other worlds- like a person with Psychic Power who hears mysterious sounds or see strange things in the night while he is surrounded by friends, sadly lacking in Psychic Power, who hear and see nothing. Does the common person have enough Psychic Power to learn to communicate with departed spirits? Most mediums seem to indicate, "yes." And there is always the Ouiji board, a device readily available for those who wish to experiment with the Psychic Power of such communication. However, as do many others, the psychic, Alan Vaughan, does not believe that the Ouiji board may be such a simple or beneficial route to Psychic Power, no matter how convenient. His experiments with the Ouiji board led him to an experience of Possession that frustrated and confused him. The spirit finally left him, though the aid of another departed spirit, which seemed concerned about his fate. Alan was left puzzled with new Psychic Power but he warn of the dangers of capriciously dealing with the dead. Psychic Power is not absolutely predictable. Sometimes, a psychic can somewhat control it or at least back off of it. Sometimes, it seems to be hard to turn it off. Some have done very well

exercising their Psychic Power for themselves, in gambling or horses, but many have also warned of the consequences of Psychic Power this for self-serving purposes.

Teresa Edwards is the author of "The Most Haunted Secrets" - the ultimate guide to how psychics communicate with spirit world. For more details visit The Most Haunted Secrets.

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==== ==== Click Here To Start Developing Your Psychic Powers! ==== ====

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