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Why The Guayabera Shirt Is Great For Weddings All heads turn when the bride comes walking down the aisle radiating beauty. Her eyes shimmer like the jewelry adorning her skin along with a flowing gown cascades in flowers and lace. Even though the wedding day is typically the day for the bride to shine, the groom deserves to be dressed up in his finest as well! When it comes to picking out the attire, a men’s wedding shirt is one alternative that can be dressed up or down, with regards to the type of ceremony and reception. One popular trend in wedding attire for men is a linen shirt, quite often called a Guayabera. These shirts can be long sleeve or short sleeve and the highest quality ones are made from 100% linen. Traditional Guayabera shirts contain four front pockets on the upper body and simple embroidery in the front. These shirts are a good choice for the man getting married on the beach, in a tropical destination or even a more casual locale. Given that the material is able to breathe, linen is fantastic for beach weddings where the bride will be stunned how nice the groom looks. These shirts could also be produced in an array of colors which includes cream, blue, brown as well as black. The ease in which they can be looked after is another benefit of these linen shirts. It is not necessary to use starch to get that sharp looking collar. If the shirt does indeed get wrinkled after traveling or wear, it is easy to remove folds and wrinkles. While having a shower, simply hang the shirt on the hanger in the bathroom and the steam will taken out wrinkles and it will be ready to wear immediately. Far more attractive than simple white shirts, the Guayabera wedding shirt have beautiful embroidery and fine details which help to make them so popular. If a bridegroom is getting married in a formal setting, such as a church or country club, he would be better off to choose a fabric such as silk, or a cotton and polyester blend. These fabrics can be produced in a range of colors and can also shine beneath the disco lights during the reception dancing. These collared and button up shirts are perfect for wearing under a vest and suit jacket. If a man prefers a slim fit shirt he then can show off his figure nearly as much as his bride! What better time to look well and comfortable than at your own wedding where even the bride would be astonished. Another option that is preferred in a men’s wedding shirt is the creation of personalized t-shirts. Not typically worn at the marriage ceremony itself, these customized t-shirts are popular for bachelor parties or at the rehearsal dinner. A customized t-shirt may be the perfect fit for all those couples that are not too worried about fancy suits and ties but would rather be more comfortable while getting married. When it concerns choosing the men’s wedding shirt, there are several options and varieties to choose from. Grooms have much to consider such as location and the formality of the wedding ceremony, both of which can influence the clothing of the whole wedding party. It is important for men to remember that this special event will live on in photos and memories for a long time, so it truly is important to have the best shirt possible. Stay comfortable and cool in a beach wedding shirt as soon as you look with The Guayabera Shirt Store. Find out about The Guayabera Shirt Store by looking at their site which is The Guayabera Shirt Store

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Why The Guayabera Shirt Is Great For Weddings

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The Guayabera Shirt Store

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Why The Guayabera Shirt Is Great For Weddings