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Spring NC Faci APF Booklet


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Conference Introduction Obligation & Rights Application Process Application Document Final Reminder

General Information

Conference Introduction: Key Message: Make Your Mark, Be a Global Leader Objective: • Newbies understands AIESEC What, How and Why and the impact we create • Newbies find the connection between AIESEC and themselves • Newbies understand the purpose of every product we have • Newbies are committed to AIESEC and knows how AIESEC can help them achieve personal development goal. • Newbies leaving the conference ready to create IMPACT

Conference Introduction: Conference Place & Time North NC: 3/24, 3/25 in NTU South NC: 3/24, 3/25 in CCU

Delegate Profile: North NC: ~110 ppl South NC: ~115ppl

Obligation & Rights: Obligation 1. Facilitators are required to participate in training day and session run-down in following days:

3/17, 3/18 – Faci Training/working day

2. Facilitators are required to participate pre-meeting before conference. If there is any obligation that cannot be fulfilled, MC has the right to change Faci allocation.

Rights 1. The transportation fee for the conference (round trip) is subsidised by E&C. 2. The accommodation during conference and pre-meeting are covered. 3. The meals are covered during conference.

Application Process

Application Process 1. The answers of all the questions and video content should all be in ENGLISH 2. Applicants are allowed to use their own format for their application package. Creativity is part of the selection criteria so please put effort into this application 3. All the files (Application Package) should be compiled in one zip. File 4. Please name application package 5. “1718_AIESEC_in_Taiwan_Spring_NC_Faci_Application_LC Name_English Name� and send it to MCVP TM Eric Hsieh ( ) before 2018.03.12. 23:59PM. 6. Incomplete application and application handed in after the DDL will not be accepted.

Application Document One Page Introduction • • •

Use ONE page of PDF to introduce yourself and tell us more about you Suggested content: Basic information, AIESEC experience, conference experience...etc Remember “Creativity” is also part of the selection criteria so BE CREATIVE

Video Challenge •

Record a 3-5 minutes video with clear logic and delivery, the topic of the video should be: Your ideal 2018 Spring Newbie Conference, and “The AIESEC Way”

• •

Make sure you check the quality of the sound and video before you send it Please upload the video to YOUTUBE and provide the link in your application

Session Design Please use the session form provided in this link:

Choose ONE of the sessions below and design the session by session form provided • AIESEC’s Leadership Experience: This session newbies will learn about exchange and team experience, it will be activity based session then followed by debrief on the session message. • AIESEC’s WHY: Newbies understand the purpose of everything we do, the WHY of AIESEC and our stance in the world. • Action Matters: A session to emphasize on the importance of taking action, action leads to impact.

Final Reminder

Final Reminder: Prioritize Facilitate NCs •

Please prioritize the NC you prefer to facilitate in. (North NC in NTU / South NC in CCU)

Note: MC keeps the right to allocate facilitators and make the final decision.

Attendance: •

2018.03.17 & 18 (Sat & Sun) Physical Facilitator Training & Working Day

Note: The attendance will be part of the criteria

Any Questions, Please Contact

1718 MCVP TM Eric Hsieh



Spring NC Faci APF Booklet

2018 spring newbie conference faci application booklet special round copy  
2018 spring newbie conference faci application booklet special round copy