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As an Industrial Designer I have a desire to create purposeful solutions that blend function with form. Currently I am the lead designer for Pawsthetics where I design and fabricate custom prosthetics for animals. My goal is to continually grow and learn as a designer by taking on new problems and opportunities.

Education Bachelors in Industrial Design MSU Denver fall 2017

Experience 3D Printing Store

August 2017- current, Centennial CO I n d u s t r i a l D e s i g n e r, l e a d d e s i g n e r f o r Pawsthetics (animal prosthetics). Using 3D printing to create custom working prosthetics for client’s canine companions.

5 Horizons Group

F e b r u a r y 2 0 1 6 - A p r i l 2 0 1 7, B o u l d e r, C O Industrial Design Intern. Concept development, Soft good tech packs for Carhartt, Coalition, MHM.

White Rhino Customs

D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 5 - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 6 , D e n v e r, C O Design Intern,Packaging design for bike components, illustrator and vinyl work for Meraki bicycle.

C O N T E N T S Banshee Bike


Vo l v o B o t t l e Ke y

Deny Designs 2018




OBJECTIVE: Create a simple and cool folding electric bike.

PROCESS: The Banshee Bike began with the problem of city traffic. Large cities like Amsterdam and New York widely use electric bikes as alternate transportation but most existing electric bikes lack functionality and emotional appeal. Electric bikes are far behind the style and culture of motorcycles. The Banshee Bike’s design will bridge the gap between motorcycles and bicycles bringing a wider audience to electric bicycles. Uniting the portability of folding bikes, functionality of electric bikes and the style of motorcycles.



Form Development


Deployed length 68.8” Folded length 30”

All parts stay attached for easy deployment by the push of a button.

- Full sized wheel base.

- Mid-mounted 30mph top speed motor.

- Commuter bike geometry.

- Dual belt drive for efficient foldability.

- 24”x3” fat tires for compactability and ridability.

- 60mile range 500 Watt removable battery.









Walter’s Prosthesis


Prosthetic leg for Walter

Objective: Design an adjustable prosthetic leg for Walter the Bulldog.

Process: Walter was a former bait dog who was found in the streets of Connecticut suffering from life threatening injuries and severe infection resulting in amputation. This design began with a casting of the amputation sent to us at The 3D Printing Store Pawsthetics where the cast was 3D scanned. The scan was brought into Solidworks where the design process begins. Starting with client consult and ideation, leading to CAD. From CAD prototypes are quickly printed and tested for iterations for client consult repeating the process.


Version 1 did not fit tight enough due to reduced swelling complicated application.



Version 2 is designed from a new scan with an intuitive one-sided strapping system.


Vo l v o B e v e r a g e Ke y


Volvo Beverage Key

Objective: Design a promotional bottle opener that complements the luxury of the Volvo XC90 and can be produced affordably using only two operations on a CNC mill.

Process: This project began with appreciation for the design of the XC90 and studying the Volvo brand. The Volvo XC90 excellence edition is a high end car with luxury materials. The obvious choice was to match the aluminum and walnut in the interior. This opener communicates the form of the car taking cues from the iconic shape of the taillights and smooth curves of the body. A corkscrew located at the bottom and ergonomic curve makes for an aesthetically pleasing and functional beverage tool.


Deny Designs 2018 Line


Deny Designs current line

Objective: Design a cost effective home furnishing line fitting the Deny Designs market and style.

Process: Deny Designs is an online home furnishings company located in Denver selling affordable Inspiration

furniture that showcases personally selected artwork printed on wood. They use plywood and compactable design for shipping. Deny Designs is also collaborating with Color Cord to bring lighting into their 2018 line. This process began with understanding the user and target audience. I found that users want simplicity and functionality in their furniture. This inspired me to keep the wood natural and print the artwork on fabric. This project evolved into a cohesive product line that will be available online in early 2018.


Pillow Table

The pillow table features art on a cushion that is held by the lip on a coffee table. This design allows the table to adapt to the users needs by transforming from an ottoman to a floor pillow to a hardwood coffee table. This design is currently in development at Deny Designs.


Stick Light

The stick light is designed for Deny Designs in collaboration with Color Cord who makes plug-in pendant light cables. The stick light is a flat-pack floor lamp. The center piece is waterjet cut sheet-metal. It easily folds into a triangle that the light, lampshade, and plywood legs attach to. Making this simple andinexpensive to make.

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Erich Heimbach  
Erich Heimbach