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Project Vote Smart I Vote Smart board members must join with a political opposite. Carter, Ford, Goldwater, and McGovern are some who helped establish the idea as civility crumbled.

For a taste of power, try VOTE EASY™


n automated interactive research tool. Type in your zip code and every presidential or congressional candidate’s lawn sign will instantly appear. Then just state your position on key issues and watch as each sign moves to support you or oppose you. If you question the movement, just click on the sign and see their public record. It will show if your candidates answer key issue questions. It is fun powerful stuff.

The 2011 Webvisonary Awards (Web Academy Awards) selects VoteEasy as the best there is. MOST COMPELLING VOTER INFO resource “everTHEseen. ” — GovTrack



I The staff, volunteers and interns refuse support from special interests and every organization that supports or opposes any issue or candidate. I Staff and students serve from ten weeks to two year tours, and receive minimal salaries, with most volunteering for no salary at all.

We need every thinking American: Volunteer if you can but if you can’t, at least help us with the materials, supplies and technical equipment needed by filling out and returning the enclosed form. Tolerance is no longer our only option. This year give to yourself and your country, not to the campaigns which create fear, preferring to move people emotionally instead of intellectually.

The New York Museum of Modern Art displays VoteEasy as THE election tool to make sense of complex facts. OF VoteEasy as the eHarmony of political “webTHINK sites. — Sacramento Bee ”



VOTE SMART Headquarters: One Common Ground, Philipsburg, MT 59858-9767 Tel: 406-859-VOTE (406-859-8683) • Fax: 406-859-8680 Hotline: 888-VOTESMART (888-868-3762) • Website:

Voter’s Self-Defense

System Brings truth to light on thousands of candidates and elected officials Biographies Interest Group Ratings Public Statements Voting Records Issue Positions Campaign Finances




Powerful, interactive, instant research tool matching the candidate most like you

the Voter’s Self-Defense System

Vote Smart’s Great Divide Ranch research retreat in Montana


Extraordinary People

Get the facts: Presidential, Congressional, Gubernatorial and State Legislatures at an Extraordinary Pla


I Voting Records Every vote they have cast, by issue area in easy-to-understand terms.

I Biographies

This is Project Vote Smart


Who they are and what they have done.

I Issue Positions

he most uplifting political event of our lifetime: thousands of citizens joining together to protect themselves and their fellow Americans from the manipulative nonsense that poisons our civic culture. This is what makes us all so apprehensive about our nation’s future.

Ron Reagan, Bill Moyers, and the Ford and Carnegie foundations have all celebrated its birth. Vote Smart is what U.S. News and World Report says, “Would make the Founders weep with joy.” What better antidote to the irresponsibility and loss of civility that now plagues our political parties and representatives?

The cure to this dishonorable conduct is one you must have dreamed of yourself: Bring truth to light through a Voter’s Self-Defense System so secure, independent and true, any citizen -- conservative or liberal -- can turn to it in absolute confidence for the facts. A place of abundant, accurate, relevant information about those who govern or those who wish to replace those who do.

With backing from over 100,000 citizens, 7000 students and volunteers have donated their time and expertise to build it. Detailed facts on 40,000 political leaders are all instantly available free to every American over a simple-to-use web site or through a personal researcher on our toll-free Voter’s Research Hotline.

Less than half of today’s candidates respond to voters’ questions. As one national party leader typically said when asked why, “It is not our job to educate, it is our job to win!” Vote Smart has begun the task of dragging their politics out of the mud fact by fact. Organizations as diverse as CNN, Fox News, MTV, the New York Times, NBC,

It is the smart side of a people’s rebellion, the People’s right to the facts. Please help us if you can by coming to volunteer at our Great Divide Ranch research center or becoming a contributing member. But even if you can’t, please USE US to defend yourself, your family, and your fellow Americans’ right to the facts.

Every candidate’s willingness to give straight answers to straight questions, exposed in our Political Courage Test.

I Campaign Finances Who gives them the money to run?

I Interest Group Ratings Every liberal-to-conservative selfish interest rates your state and national representatives.

I Public Statements Every public utterance placed in a key word searchable database. Instantly see what they have said on any issue.


2012 PVS Brochure  

2012 PVS Brochure

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