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Eric Hanna

Eric J. Hanna


Phone: 703-463-0827 Email: 5748 Stafford Springs Trail Orlando, FL 32829

2008 - 2012: Bachelor of Science in Architecture, School of Architecture, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 2005 - 2008: IB High School Diploma, Amsterdam International Community School, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Experience Goal: I am seeking a position, where I can apply myself towards the growth and goals of projects, the team and the advancement of my knowledge & abilities.

Assistant Building Manager 10/08 - 08/12 Employer: Building Manager’s Office at the UVA School of Architecture I assisted in organizing and running school events as well as keeping track of and executing elements of school maintenance and design. Through working with the building manager’s office, I gained first-hand experience of the needs a building’s users have and how to respond to them. I would often cover odd jobs and unforeseen discrepancies outside of my duties to ensure the best possible results. Transit bus driver Employer: UVA University Transit Service

10/10 - 01/12

I drove transit buses along the university campus routes as well as on independent charter trips. In addition to being responsible for driving and navigation, I also preformed safety checkouts and elements of basic vehicle maintenance. I obtained a Class B CDL and medical certification for this position, which are still current. I often picked up extra shifts to reduce gaps and delays in service. Teaching Assistant Course: ARCH 1010 Lessons of the Lawn

08/11 - 12/11

I worked with Professor Waldman and other TA’s to help new students develop a critical lens to view architecture and our role as architects. I was responsible for developing assignments, holding discussion meetings, and grading coursework.

Skills & Strengths Strengths:

Motivated and adaptable work ethic, Collaborative attitude, Resourceful, Imaginitive, Committed to accomplishing goals, Global experience, Fresh perspective, Fluent in English and Dutch

Software Proficiency:

Rhinoceros 3D 4.0, Grasshopper Parametric Plug-in, Maxwell Render, Adobe CreativeSuite CS5, AutoCad 2011, Trimble Sketchup 8, OpenOffice

Other Skills:

Hand Drafting, Sketching, Modelmaking, Lasercutting, Woodworking



Charlottesville Public Library - Digital Resources Center


West Main Street Youth Center


Fishtown Woodcraft and Fabrication Center


Harlem Gateway


Blast Bench

The Digital Resources Center expansion serves to meet the community’s increasing demand for public internet access and digital resources. The expansion is situated on the corner of 5th and East Market Streets, one block North of the downtown mall and is easily accessible by foot, public transit and by automobile. The building is designed to provide both spaces both intimate and open using cantilevers and setbacks. The building functions are arranged vertically with the ground and second floors featuring public meeting facilities while the top two floor house the computer library. The building’s design is intended to maximize the usable space within the constraints of the small site. Charlottesville Public Library - Digital Resources Center



Located at a nexus of several residential and light commercial areas, the West Main Youth Center is intended to provide youthoriented community services and facilities in an area that is currently underserved. The surrounding area experiences considerable through-traffic, yet little local traffic. By providing a new structure and community programming, the Youth Center is intended to become the focus for increased activity and neighborhood development. The Youth Center features a covered, multi-purpose sports court, a sheltered interior courtyard, several conference and activity spaces, a sound-proofed music room and several private spaces as well as a roof terrace and indoor garden. The project’s design allows for a mix of open interior spaces for physical activity and smaller enclosed spaces for private work and study activities. The layout of the circulatory system is designed to allow for the possibility of expansion to the adjoining site to the east.

West Main Street Youth Center


Office Space Private Rooms

Sound Room Meeting Rooms

Restrooms Courtyard Kitchen & Cafe Lounge Space



The Fishtown Woodshop consists of a woodworking fabrication facility, custom crafts area and exhibition space on the North side and a block of three apartments in the South-West corner. The central courtyard is a work terrace with access to Front St. and Frankford Ave. The building’s materials and design reflects Fishtown’s past as a hub of fabrication. The structure is concrete slab construction supported by a hybrid wood/steel truss. The fascade’s wooden ‘fins’ serve to diffuse southern sunlight at the height of the day. The design also utilizes natural ventilation to cool the residential area and the manufacturing section when it is not in use.

Fishtown Woodcraft & Fabrication Center


The Harlem Gateway is a transit hub featuring civic programming, facilitating easy travel between New Jersey and Manhatten by PATH train and ferry as well as pedestrian, bike and transit bus access to West Harlem. It also features a community space, a local radio station and several exhibition spaces. The site is a former marine transfer station, used by the City of New York to store refuse and garbage trucks before being condemned and slated for demolition. A design competition was held to find creative solutions that would repurpose the site and integrate it with the neighborhood. The complex generates a portion of its power through combination of biocatalyzed algae cultivation and solar cells. The Gateway would serve to bring more people through and to Harlem, while becoming the core of neighborhood development and community gathering. The complex’s form is derived from its nature as a threshold into Harlem, resembling an inverted Roman arch.

Harlem Gateway



The Blast Bench was an independant study project done in partnership with Annie Locke Scherer. The bench serves as a counterweight for the school’s spray-booth and provides creative seating options for those using the work-court. Parametrically derived from the human spine, the design allows two people to sit or one person to comfortably recline. Blast Bench


Eric Hanna UMN portfolio  

For Fall 2014 Applying for M.Arch II year

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